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Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, the yoomans mighd hab forghed arff eento the sornsed, bod my CATtorneys came through!

Nedfleeghs, ead my dorst!

Neko y Marzipan, CATtorneys ad law. Norn bedhair. Anywhere.

I yab yos worn question: where deed thees cads frarm the Meedwes' lorn to speagh Afrikaans?


  1. Those are great CATtorneys you've got there, Estorbo...we must note down their address in case we ever need representation in legal matters! (Bet they learned Afrikaans on the internet!)

  2. Hola! Hermano, we are much impressed.
    You will be able to reeep-reeep-reeep
    to your heart's content.
    Maybe your CATtorneys can teach you some Afrikaans for when the Wooman returns.
    We have asked Dinah how much she remembers and she tells us: Niks besonders nie. That's: not much
    We think you should Google.

  3. Neko y Marzipan are legal eagles! You should put them on speed dial. Have fun with the Nedfleeghs envelopes! Reep, reep, reep...

  4. Mine, who ussed to be a teechuh, sez to reemine ya, not too much reep-reep, pleez. misster mike needs ta fohkiss on his novvul.

    [tho i'm shur ye'r inspirrin him in many wayz.]


  5. Storbito mi amor! What a lovely Christmas gift from the CATtorneys. I hope you and the writer minder are having a cozy holiday curled up with shredded Netflix envelopes. Feliz Navidad to you and la familia.

  6. Great Cattorneys! Fast and VERY satisfactory service. What better gift could you have! I'll bet we will be able to hear your 'reep reep' all the way over here in Southern California. Get those claws and teeth going and really tuck in!