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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The geeft ob the CATtorneys

Ees arribed por me ad the Wooman's worghe thees weegh, a beeg barx. Full ob peenk peanorts.

Address'...TO ME! Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana-heear-me-roar:


Frarm....Neko y Marzi een Arizona, the besd CATtorneys a cad coul as' por: when las' deed your loyjer sen' to you a geeft???

Below: Despide my oudfeed, I stan' tall an' proud! Neko y Marzi lighe me!!!

Especial por the occasion the Wooman taghe my preeson suid arf. Gracias a Dios.

Cheeps! Salsa to las' por a lifetime! Candy! Parpcorn! Norts! Pardeeeeeeee!

Bod then I star' to leeck an' the Wooman pood the suid bag arn.


I essplore the basket. Eed smells deeleecious. I lorf weeckhair baskeds. How deed they know?

I bide eed. Que rico!!!

The Wooman meexes sorm Margaritas. Eed's time to ead...

The blue cheeps are my faboureed: cronchy, yos como pelleds.

Gracias Neko y Marzipan y your clerk, Neil. You are bes' legal help een the Wes'!


  1. Wow, suddenly we feel the need to acquire some CATtorneys! enjoy your loot, and your basket!

  2. A terrifying roar indeed and how lucky you are to have such generous attorneys. It's usually me who has to hand over "gifts" to my attorneys.

  3. Wowie!! The CATtorneys must have a very lucrative practice out there in Arizona! You are lucky to have them looking out for your interest, especially now that you have to wear the prison suit and all. Enjoy your blue corn chips and salsa, hermano!

  4. Storbie, you should ask the CATtorneys to send you a prison suit from Arizona. Sheriff Arpaio makes inmates wear pink prison suits. And you lorf pink!

  5. A box full of food! Clearly these cats know what life is about! But in case you wonder, Storbie, yes, those stripes make you look fat...

  6. if you won't be eating them, Miss Zip would like the peenk peanorts. be sure to pack them safely.

  7. QC - Muchas gracias. I keelled the basket!

    Valct4joy - gracias. Eeeeeep.

    Ikaika, my brorder, Those ladycads are so preedy the clients yos han' ober their walleds. I was yos use' to the suid when the red darg theen' arribed.

    Donatella - peenk? Really? I yam eenterested.

    Seegreed - sigh...^^

    Donna - Meess Zeephair, I hab meessed you. I yam steell chaseen' the peenorts!