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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Canadian cads

The Wooman send me peecs ob the cads een Canada. They are crazee, man. They lighe the snow! She say they stan' ad the glass door (yos like mine to the terrazza) an' beg to go oud. The Wooman say eed ees so cole' she die when she go ou'side. Bod the cads go yompeen oud. Beence played weeth them weeth meenee sowball and they chaze' them.

Aborf ees Mees Saphi (que?) the tabbi cad. She ees nine mornths an berber' preedy. I weesh she woul' beseet Nuebo York.

Below ees Senor Pachito arn the righ' weeth whide starckeen's.

My forr ees geddeen' all florfy yos lookeen' ad them. Loco, man.


  1. Joyeux Noel! Storbie, those Canadian kitties are tough! Stay warm and florf your fur with pleasure.

  2. Hi Estorbo! My, those Canadian cats are loco indeed! (and we notice that Beence does not have his head nor his paws covered either...that's pretty loco, too!) Meowmy thought she'd offer Gingy a chance to play in the snow...after all, she's got all that floof...but Gingy said "no thanks," she didn't want to step off the steps or get anywhere near it! We hope you and cat-sitter Michael had a Merry Christmas.

  3. I'm with you Storbie! No place for snow in my life -- except for nice pictures and especially ones with loco cats.

  4. Hola! Hermano,we, being troppo-cats, don't know about snow.
    We hope you and Meester Mike are having a peaceful Christmas.We are having fun with champagne corks. Ask the Wooman to get some for you.

  5. no fair! Senor Es-TOR-bo. I am nine months and very pretty too and I LIVE in New York. And I can type.

    the one in The BRONX, in case you were also thinking of that other Stella.

  6. henry likes to sit at the window and watch the snow from the comfort of his own home. he's no fool.

  7. Beence and the Canadian cads look quite at home in the snow! Our feral cats were out in the snow, too. They are tough little kitties ...

  8. Hola! Our nagging paid off - we have a blog of our own!