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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Whad a weegh

Thees ees me een my recendly deceazed oudfeed, Numero Tres. The Smoothman attemt-ted to make some couture weeth eed an' eed died. So now I yam back to the baby clothes, 0-3 mornths, thees time, porque thees negh size does nard sleep an' allow me to leeck The Shouldhair.

Too morch eenpormation?

Forgh you too.

Si. I yam een a badbadbad mood. ' Melanie who was here arn Sornday nighd, weeth greeteen's an' geeft frarm Halloween, weetneessed my feeleen's:

I heess. I made howl-soun' when they peeg me orp. The Yoomans was morteefied. Ees how say? They say, He's nard usually lighe thees, he ees angry because ob the clothes.

An' the drorgs. Doan' forghed the forgheen' drorgs.

Clava-forgheen'- marx. Shorbed down my throad twice a day como a foie gras goosito.


Meess Melanie brough' a berbery nice bag to deenhair. I thoughd eed was my presen'. Bod my presen' was a cad Dance-hair. Ees wire weeth animales attached to ead an' eed dances een your faze onteell you wan' to keell eed. The Wooman ees so bad weeth the camera (no talen' whad. so. ebber. Tros' me) she has no goo' peectures yed. She say' she weell try again. Whadebber.

Yesserday. So tired. Sleepeen' arn plaze mads. See? New oudfeed.


Go. A. Way.







The Wooman corms home weeth sormtheen' whad STEENKS!

Que delicioso!

Led me ad eed. Ees presen' frarm lady weeth Moshroom Cad!!!!!

Escuse me? The shreemp ees orp there an' I yam down heer. Ged eed? Ees prarblem! Hello? Hello? Adyost alteetude NOW.

Thees ees fantasteec. Those Wheeskas snags are porgarten. Shreemp Shreemp Shreeeeeeeemp.



I lorf Chreestmas.

Pee Ess: gracias Ellen!


  1. I'm so glad you like the shrimp, Estorbo. I thought you might appreciate a pick-me-up. Sisko and Seven (mushroom cat) send their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. not ta wurry, hermano [not that ya do] Mine felt bad about comin at ya too enthoosiastik at first an unnerstands compleetly bowt the difficultee of the kloze an that yer not a cirkus animul, ya have sensativitees and feelins tha shud be respekted. not ta wurry. no hrrm on this end and hopin thrr's none on yur end eethur.

    btw, our grrl cat stella wuz lookin along at yer blog an sed -- all brethless -- 'who is that cad? heez so ... kontinentul.' i think she may hav a crush on ya. look owt. [tho i ekspekt yer probly used ta that kinda thing.]


  3. Well, hermano ... you've had quite a time! But shreeemp! Hey, you scored ... And here's a coincidence for you: like Halloween, we have a girlcat called Stella, too, who thinks you're hot -- must be the clothes (she used to think I was hot *sigh*). Stella is a tuxie.

  4. Wow, Sex-ay French sailor! Estorbo, you quite the photogenic gato. I understand about the badbadbad mood. *sigh* Me, too.

  5. Hola! We think the mood is definitely drug-induced.We like the picture of the place-mats-pillow!
    And Dinah says to say that the word thing is: facarmes and she thinks maybe it's pig-Latin for something you might say to the Yoomans.

  6. You look better in stripes, Estorbo. Bailey sympathizes with you re medications. He is on clavamox also. I have been crushing it up very fine, mixing it with food and then pouring tuna juice (water) on it. So far I have fooled him. But you should hear him cough! He can't purr without coughing.
    Hope you are over your itchiness soon.

  7. i yam yust comeeng up for yair...oh i mean air. i have tears from laughing so hard. not AT storbie, but WITH storbie. Or is that WEETH storbie? He strikes a mean pose-is a cat model extraordinaire. good solution to arm licking and of coruse entertaining the storbites (storbie's fans).

  8. Bonbon, I call myself an Estorbican or an Estorbicana....

  9. Sigrid: Tough look, yeah, I keep waiting for him to start singing: "Dear Officer Krupke, I'm very upset, I never had the love that every cat oughta get..." ;-)

  10. I was thinking of Noel Coward's song -- Matelot, matelot, where you go my heart goes with you. Matelot, matelot as you go down to the sea..."

  11. Again with the "forgheen' drorgs." You must try to mellow out Estorbo.