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Monday, May 13, 2013

Prodoction gleetch

I yab a prarblem.

Eef you hab nard receib a car' frarm the Wooman y me, ees because all car's are feeneesh! The new worns leeb een South Afreeca, where  a lady maghe them.

Pleease be patien'. I weell nebber forged you. The Wooman weell buy sorm more por me een two weeghs.


  1. Stampa, stampa, stampa again, I see.

  2. s'aright, amigos. Lorb is in the air, so there... in the air.

  3. It's a good sign when you run out of cards... means you have an awful lot of friends :) Will the latest stamped ones glow in the dark?

  4. don' werry, furriend--we feels yer lorb!

  5. Marie it's so wonderful to see that many of Estorbo's faithful fans donated to his treatment. You have painted such an amazingly vivid portrait of his absolutely charming character that I feel I know him (& very well), and I love him as if he were my own beeg, blag cad. We are all thrilled that his appetite is returning and he'll soon be hitting the high (roop) plains and roundin' up his herds of caddle. Heaps of love xoxoxox Susan & les Chats de Rue LeNoir

  6. Oh Don Estorbo, that is all right, don't fret. My person said she is sending another donation this week. Something about you being her second favorite kitty (after moi, of course)!

  7. I think that as you have been home a week after your microwave treatment, that you are no longer glowing in the dark. This is good news as it means that you can get back on the bed (unless you've already been sneaking on there?) and can have cuddles (should you so wish).

    Have you got your appetite back yet?

  8. My neighborhood is remote, to be sure, but Estorbo's classy (of course) card has made my house the draw of all cat lovers in the entire area.

    How did you get that, they breathlessly ask?

    The answer is simple: Being a friend, to a friend.

    And we all should be so lucky to have friends like Storbie, and his humans.