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Monday, May 6, 2013

Kitty cam and update from the Woman

Estorbo received his treatment last night. His is radioactive.

I met Dr Peterson in Manhattan yesterday morning, liked him, the way he handled the cat (very low fuss, calm) and saw them off.

Vince and I spent the day in the spring woods of Westchester. I found ramps and nettles (for the birds, in my opinion, ouch!). We saw an enormous snake. I tried not to think about the kitty.

This morning I received a call from the facility where Estorbo is staying, was told Estorbo is calmer - I think he'd been growling when his 'condo' was cleaned or food put in. He didn't want to eat his food (I gave him a selection of ten very fancy cans, from Weruva to Wellness, with several others inbetween,  as well as his dry food), and had been given some Fancy Feast, which is a bit of a come down for him.

We expect him home on Wednesday morning when he will be dropped off right at home taxi. I wasn't expecting that. Only in New York?

I decided that, since so many of you have invested in his treatment, you should be able to see him if you like.

Below are his "condo" camera links. You can move the camera by moving your mouse.

Warning: I can't watch them. I did once and I got too sad, so if you are susceptible, I advise you not to click on them. Nothing terrible at all, but I just prefer to compartmentalize and stick my head in the sand. I can't change his situation so I'd rather not see it and dwell on it.

But Vince is...

On one side of the cages, er, condos, is a row of gerbil houses, as I understand it. The other side has cat videos.

Estorbocam 1:

Estorbocam 2:

Thank you very much for your good wishes.


  1. He looks pretty good, no agitation, just looking around. Thank you for the update. You ar ber-ber nice wooman.

  2. Coming home Wednesday sounds good! Must not have had to give him extra millicuries. The webcams care a mixed blessing, but at least you know he is resting and in a nice clean spot. Gerbils and videos sound ok.

    Hang in there Storbie.

  3. Mi negro, I hope you get well very soon. We're all sending you and your humans our best wishes. You're a guerrero, mi negro.

  4. I'm with you, Marie. Lots of feelings. Focusing on love of all the good reports about this treatment. A second chance, please and thank you. As Anne Lamott says, Help, Thanks, and please let's get to the Wow on this one!

  5. He looks very good. It will all soon be over and you'll have him home. I hope he enjoys the taxi - just like Eliza Doolittle.

  6. We just watched Estorbo having some late lunch. He looked fine.

  7. Glad to read the clinic wasted no time in starting your treatment, Storbie, and that you will be home on Wednesday!

  8. "The cat is above all things, a dramatist." Margaret Benson.

    Hmm, perhaps she was right. From my peek, you do not appear to be suffering from insomnia at all. Snooze well because when you get home it will be PAR-TEE TIME!

    Scritches to you, Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana

  9. Estorbo is being such a calm, big boy. His condo is tidy and, speaking as an human, seems as if it's comfy.
    It is 5:03pm edt; he just put his head down, probably for a snooze.
    Be brave and pleased, mom & dad. You have given him your care and love. Now, he can feel better and get back to lounging on his 66 Square Feet!

  10. Sending well wishes to Estorbo!

  11. I tried twice, but kept getting a message saying too many viewers were trying to view at the same time.
    I suppose that augers well!
    Big ear scratch soon, my friend.Very soon.

  12. I tried to look in on him this morning, but Zizi came and sat on my hand as I tried to operate the mouse. I'd move my hand - she'd reposition her sizable bulk - perhaps she was jealous of my curious devotion to a cat I've never met...and clearly I'm not alone..look at all the posters trying to watch a webcam of a cat in a kitty condo! So much love for Storbie..

    I did check in just now - they have the lights down for the evening and he looks to be snugly snoozing. I'll look again tomorrow when Zizi is otherwise engaged.

  13. Wednesday sounds very good indeed. You're half waythere now. You'll make it. Hugs all around.

  14. Has anyone else seen an actual gerbil? Do you think it's wind up gerbil?

  15. It is going to be so hard for you not to cuddle him when he gets home! He looks good on the cam and I am so happy for all of you that he makes bail er gets to return home tomorrow!

  16. Estorbo looks good this morning. He is sitting and watching the activity outside the condo. I saw the gerbil cage with wheels. Do you suppose he will want a new gerbil friend when he gets home?

    1. One of the staff came by to talk to him and pet him. I was glad to see he didn't try to bite her:-)

  17. All we see is gerbil wheels. No gerbils. But now he is lying in/on the rather small ring like beddie for the first time we have seen. He seemed to like going into the darker middle section when it was a bit bright this morning.

  18. I'm pleased to see that Storbie is not glowing and will be home soon...Thanks for the update...

  19. Estorbo would not like this observation, but he has cute, dainty feet, like a ballerina's.
    (Glad he can't read all that well.)

  20. The Don is up early this morning! :-)

    I wonder if he is packed and ready for the journey home?

  21. 'Storbie is now back home, probably getting a much needed bath as we speak. Stay tuned for updates. ;-)