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Friday, May 10, 2013

Dayeen, dayoud

Las' nigh' I wen' to the roop weeth the Wooman. She foun' me sorm grass to ead.

She ees berber' orpserd weeth me, porquewhy? I yam nard hongry. I yam theen. Ber' theen. Ees nard obbioos een peecture.

I say, whad you esspeghd? I yab been, como si dices...TRAUMATISE'.


Radiation. Gerbeels. Cages. Cars. Sarleetary confinemen'. Peein' arn myselb een my onnatracteeb grey barx!

Ob course I doan' eed.

So last nigh she geeb me a peell! Anorder forgheen' peell.

Then, I begeen to ead a leedle. I theenk she ees geebeen' me Speed.

Today I ead two pequeno deeshes steak, worn pequeno deesh wedfood, ten leecks ob babyfood frarm hor han'. 20 cad treads.

She cancel appoin'men' to stay home weeth me.

I yam bein' smoth-hair'....


  1. You need normal, Estorbo. Keep eating, even a little, and gradually life will get back to normal. Then you will not feel so smothered.

  2. Hyperthyroidism makes most cats extra hungry, so returning to normal may mean less hungry. Hopefully you will sort out soon. Our humans put Party Mix treats on top of my wet food to make me eat more: it gets me going. I am a peeky eder too. They leave out a bowl of wet food and a bowl of dry all night - that is when I do the most of my eating.

  3. Speed! How funny, I didn't think of that...

  4. I feel for you, Estorbo. I feel you are well lorbed, and and ber lorky. mas o menos. One paw after the other.

  5. Eeed a leedle mas, y a leedle mas again. there weel be moar ov ju to lorve.

  6. Estorbo, this is your time to eat anything and everything you want. No one will call you a pig. I remember feeding Whiskers with baby food in a syringe when he was recovering from haemobartonellosis. (This was after several days in the hospital and two blood transfusions.) He did not like it and it encouraged him to eat. Please don't make the Wooman or the Smoothman do that to you.

  7. Eendee'amigo, ees nard obbioos een peecture.

  8. Keep eadeen, hermano ... un poco here, un poco there ... it all adds up. You must get your strength up for the caddle dribe.

  9. Danny and Nula (and I, too) wish you a speedy recovery of your appetite. bon appetit.