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Monday, August 8, 2011

When ees my forgheen' borthday? When?

I yam carnfuse'.

The Wooman ees carnfuseen' me. She say my borthday ees arn the ninth. We hab been through theese before. Then I loogh ad my blarg, because I do nard remembhair bein' born. I see thad las' year she say eed ees arn the feefth. She forgard.

Een 2009 I gard a feesh. Arn the fourth. More carnfuseen'. The feesh orpsed some people y I gard HADEmail. From a wooman whose hosban' goes beeg shark feesheen'. Serioos.

Me. A cad. Whad eads feesh wornce a year. My gard.

Well, the feefth ees OBER. Garn! Y nard worn presen'! So ees eed arn the ninth, tomorrow, or am I a cad weethoud commemoration or carmpensation por hees borth een the bodega.

I weell be 12. Ees true.

I meess my kittenhoo'...


  1. Estorbo, it's easy. Tell the wooman starting now and going forward you want your birthweek celebrated, not your birthday. Seven days of feesh, mango, ribbons, Senor Coconut. So who cares if it starts a day or two early or late.

    I wish you a very happy and joyous 12th!


  2. ¡Feliz CumpleaƱos, hermano! Whenebber eed was or weel be! I'm sure the Wooman and Beence will come through on the presents. And yeah, a Birthday Week would be a fine tradition to establish ... add that to your contract!

  3. We're with John! Celebrate for an entire week to be safe.

    Oh, and it's one entire fish PER year. So you get twelve.

  4. Now the Katnip Lounge Kats have the collective wisdom of 13, and if they say it is one feesh PER YEAR OF AGE, you betta believe them.

    Happy Birthday sometimearoundnow.

  5. Happy 12th D. Estorbo !!
    xo BleetNess, Oliver & Virgil
    les Chats of 29 Black Street

    (Bleet is 12 also)

  6. Definitely a week - accept nothing less.... and NO pellets!

  7. Neglect. Abuse. Difficult, I know.
    Poor you.
    Probably the woman is trying to get your birth records. There's been a lot of that sheet going on lately. Whenever it was, it was a blessed day. Weneber.
    HBD, Estorbo!

  8. Donatella ScherzandoAugust 8, 2011 at 4:45 PM

    May I make a suggestion, Storbito? My birthday is August 12th and you are going to be 12 years old. I believe in birthday weeks with a huuuggeee fish, I mean party, on Friday August 12th! With mango for dessert! We can toast each other. : )

  9. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Don Estorbo. I, for one, am so happy you were born what ever day it was.

  10. Oh dear, just like our President - no borth certificate! But your fans don't care, Estorbo. We celebrate you every day right here on your blog. I agree with everyone else, one feesh for each year. Or at least one feesh for each day of the birthday semana. It's a celebration!!!!

  11. Storbie, I think John has a good idea.Besides, people like me have trouble remembering birthDAYS, but we can probably manage birthWEEKS!

    Happy 31 days, Big Fella.

    (watch for the postman)

  12. Estorbo - fifth, fourth, tenth, twe... it matters not. August is your birthday - yes? Happy Birthday dear boy. Compensation? Si - fish, avocados, mangos, cockroaches - everything. The party should go on endless.

    12 years old! you look like a baby - and berber wise.

    more years = more fans y more lob

  13. we can share a birthday , estorbo. you can have my geefts, too.

  14. Omedetou, Estorbo-san! As for sushi-grade tuna being unsustainable, this is stuff and nonsense when we take into account the amount that you would eat relative to a human. The Wooman and the Smoothman would help the planet more by convincing some of their more gluttonous sushi-inhaling hooman friends to switch to farm-raised tilapia.