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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My borthday geefts

I gard:

Fresh pelleds, een a new, craghly bag
Fresh leedhair. (Doan' knark leedhair: eed ees muy importante an' I refuse to use my tray onless eed loohs como un Japanese raked garden)
Lowfad kaka meelk. I use' to hade eed. Bod now I dreenk eed. Why? because the Wooman ees cheap, ees why.
Wheeskas temptations. Cragh por cads. I lorb!
A ribe whide peach!
A ribe red plom!
Streeng weeth squeaky mouse. I keell, I keell.

Thad was all.



  1. Happy Borthday D. Estorbo and many happy returns. We do circus tricks (like spin in circles like a top) for Whiskas Temptations. We lorb too.

    The boys of Black Street BleetNess, Oliver & Gus (and their wooman Susan)

  2. Well, that's 7 things more than what I got for my birthday, so good haul. Though counting litter and kibble as birthday presents is a little like socks and underwear for Christmas.

    What's your gripe with Stonyfield Farms milk? That Organic stuff costs more than most other brands. And my humans think it is pretty decent lowfat taste. I won't drink any milk, but I do like their yogurt.

  3. Ooh, kitty crack! My big, black cat loves Friskies Party Mix. And there you are in all your semi- naturale guapo-ness with a celebratory ribbon around your neck...or is it a Bishop's collar? It looks like a great party with lots of gifts!

  4. Alexander (the Great)August 11, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    When did Strorbie get ordained?

  5. Well, looks like pretty good haul to me, hermano! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  6. Estorbo it is so much fun to see your Borthday post. And shirtless too, which means I hope that you leeckleeckleeck no more. I think the Wooman was very good to her beeg blag Dominican cad. She takes care of you dayeen, dayoud and that is a very good thing :)

  7. We require a Zen Litterbox also.

    Great Loot! We LOVE temptations, but Mommy don' buy 'em anymore...says they are bad for us...Grayce is allergic...blahblahblah.

  8. Happy borthday Storbee!

    Did the squeaky mouse maghe eed? Or have you sonk yor claws into eed and keeelled eed already?

  9. Hey, have the wooman send us your snail mail address, and we'll send you organic catnip from our gardens in Vermont. Belated like, tu sabes?

    No hoda.

    -Henry and Karen

  10. Happy Birthday Don Estorbo, I love your geefts. The wooman ees bery thoughtful.

  11. you are my hero. i am can only hope to meet you one day. i lives in Manhattan but i know it can sometimes feel so far away from the Brooklyn!

  12. Happy Belated Borthday, Don Estorbo!
    The Wooman and Smoothman are so fortunate to belong to a beeg, blag cad like you. I wish them many more years of your delightful company. Love the shirts! You make me smile.

    Here's a footie tickle for your Borthday: ~%@@)+\/@~^~/+=

    Best wishes from CatSlave
    I *heart* blag cads

  13. hmm, i cudnt hellp but notiss that shee put the prezzents in front a de meeror . . ta luk lyke twyce as much?

    happee happee
    burthday burthday
    amigo mi amigo
    [is 'mi' the rite word?]


  14. Estorbo, la semana proxima I yam goin to be weetheen a stone's throw de la Republica Dominicana. Es verdad! I weesh so much I could breeng you back a leetle piece of your homelan. Pasteles en hojas, sancocho, mangu...then again I theenk you would be jus as happy weeth some abocado or a few katydeeds.