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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The borthday mouse

So, worn ob my borthday geefts was these ratton. I keelled eed.

Bod then I realize':

I yam becormeen' a begetarian. 

These mouse ees my frien'. To the en'.


  1. Don Estorbo, you and the Wooman and the Smoothman are too much.
    Nearly choked on my morning coffee, laughing.

    My favorite blog!!

  2. That's so sweet, Estorbo. I can see the look of love in your eyes. Love your meeses to pieces.

  3. 'storbito, enjoy it in buen salud! i myself haf a faverit mousie which i hide where only i can luf him--behind the warsher machine. you are lucky to be an only cat!

  4. Vegetarian? We don't believe you. We bet you can't resist the urge to kill it again some time.....

  5. A whole tray of gifts? You lucky cat! Happy (belated) birthday.
    Tell us about the string and the sisal twine.

  6. Good for you, making a new friend. It's not easy to make new friends when you live on a roop. And maybe the mouse can help scare away the carkroaches. As long as he stays away from your pellets, you should get along very well.