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Thursday, June 3, 2010

"People often describe pets as undemanding and giving unconditional love, when the reality is that pets require a lot of time and attention, special foods and care.

[Who??? Me????]

They throw up on rugs
[lalalalaaaaa], pee in the house [NEBBER!] and steal food from countertops [well, yos sausages...ees nard reeally food]. Yet we accept their flaws because we love them so much."

Yeah, righ'.

Whad your peds can teach you abou' your relationsheep...


Whad abou' whad we hab to put orp weeth.

Lighe forgheen' preppy orange polo shorts!!!!!

"When our pets make mistakes, we don’t take it personally and are quick to forgive. We give them the benefit of the doubt. Yet when our spouse does something wrong, we often react with anger and blame." Nuevo York Times...

These ees sheet! When I maghe a meestaghe I yam chase' aroun' an aroun' the house onteel I yam PANTEEN'.

An then she geebs the Smoothman a beeg, meady STEAGH!!!!

Th, I say: Th.

She bought me new food today. No mas cornmeal, lighe Ikaika said. Maybe I yam allegrgeec. Las' nighd I ondress' myselb oub the red coad and leeeeeeeeeeeeeeecked my shouldhair.


Well, you see my seetuation.

New food ees Ok: Pelleds. Meexed weeth ole' pelleds.




  1. Hola, hermano!Dinah asks if you are going to play soccer for Neddylands.(Don't ask us to explain- humans!)
    We think you should make scratch-a on that NYT paper. Spreading dissent, they are.

  2. Now you look like a Princeton man. I promise not to hold it against you.

  3. I hope the new food does the trick. It would be nice if it turned out to be that simple. In the meantime, no leeky leeky on the shoulder or tummy. The orange shirt is different, but looks cooler ( temperature wise).

    Who are you rooting for for the World Cup? Surely not Netherlands!

  4. Good for you for even trying the new food. My team hate the cereal-free kind, especially the organic farmed-by-angels kind that requires a re-mortgage to afford, and can work round it if it's mixed in with their old food.

    I do like the new "th!" look. But not the polo shirt. I think someone should knit you an Estorbo-sized string vest for the hot weather......

  5. Good luck with the new food. Grayce's terrible dry skin/dandruff cleared up after about 2 weeks on a grain-free diet.

  6. Donatella AranciaJune 4, 2010 at 4:24 PM

    Ohhh, handsome Estorbo! You look like a life guard in that orange shirt. I thought it was a guayabera at first.

  7. corn meal? orange collared shirts..beence? woman?

  8. I hope you get used to the new food soon, hermano. Change is hard sometimes.

    Still doing leecky leecky, huh? Well, I do think the orange goes well with your furs. But so did the red coad.

    Maybe you should make a deal with the Wooman ... you'll stop licking if she feeds you steak when Beence gets steak. I made love eyes at Keli'i tonight and she gave me salmon! We do what we must ...

  9. Sombardy teel the Smoothman an' the Wooman eet ees wonhunner' an' cuarenta y nueve days onteel Howloween!! Don Estorbo no es un cheep, seely room agsen'! Th' ees righ'...

  10. Bonbon oiseau: Woman and Beence aren't home, leave a message. (Being treated for mental fleetingness, feline-induced stress and inconclusive pellet rationing disorder.)

  11. Geiger y Sporran - I doan' play socc-hair. Socc-hair ees por dargs.

    Ellen - gracias. I hab no idea whad you are talgheen' abou'.

    Seemba - I leeck. I doan' know why.

    rachel - si, the Wooman mos' sell hor self arn the streets to affor' my new food. Bod thad ees hor duty. I doan' lighe the short, neith-hair. Bod whad can I do? I yam yos a smallcad. The yoomans are so BEEG an' beecious!

    Katnip etc - I hope, I hope. orderwise eed ees BAG to the VED por steroids.

    donatella, no, eed ees cheap orange sheet frarm Ole' Naby. Por eighteen months ole'. I yam ELEBEN!

    Bonbon - (I need a feeeeex, can you help me oud? Where's Heem??? Tell heem also I need feeeeeesh) - Pay attention: cornmeal ees een sorm cadfood, lighe the pelleds dayeen dayoud whad I was eadeen'. Ikaika said maybe I yam allergeec, so I eetch. Then I leeck. OK? The orange short ees because I managed to ondress frarm my red coad. An' eed ees hart.

    Ikaika, the new foo' ees gread. I eat halb an' halb, bod no worries. Gracias. Bence geebs me steagh, pork reebs, cheecken, abocado, the Wooman geebs me mango. The Wooman says no mas meady teedbeets porque I yam berbery 'beggy'. Sheet. The man onnerstan's me. The Wooman ees a beetch.

    Alexa - Dios mio. Now I feel redeeculous arn tarp ob eber'theen else.

    Beence. You waar soch a drama queen.

  12. Estorbo! I yam worry abou' your selfasteem... You waar the bigges', besd Blag Cad, not! a redeeculous
    smallcad. Nebber forged!