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Friday, June 11, 2010

Bideen' the han' thad feeds

“You can get a dog to obey you even if you’re not particularly nice to it,” Lockwood told me. “With a cat you can be very nice, and it’s probably going to ignore you, and if you’re mean to it, it may retaliate.”

An' thad ees the truth!

NYTimes story abou' cruelty to aneemals.


  1. My black cat Jack, long gone now, never scratched, but could give a powerful and very meaningful bite..... and it was always deserved.

    I trust you have valid reasons for doing the same?

  2. Ob course I yad balleed reasons! He was strogheen' me! The man has cojones to do thees, bod mos' sofhair the carnsequences.

  3. I do that sometimes too, if my Woman touches me "wrong" while stroking ( fine, fine, fine, fine, BITE!) but I don't think I am quite as easily irritated as you. One time she accidentally closed the sash window on my tail, and I bit her head so hard she needed antibioteeks. But she figures I was justified that time.

    That article is disturbing.

  4. Bailey bit me just once, but I had stood on his tail, so who could blame him! But it was a nasty bite and antibiotics followed.
    Just imagine, Storbie, I start my career tomorrow as a volunteer kitten cuddler! Our shelter is very up-to-date and works at getting these poor orphan kittens into 'adoptable shape'. I think I might get some kitten bites there, but if you send them 'Storbie purrs', they might listen to you.

  5. I like to give the Bitey all the time! I think it is okay, as long as no bloods come out.

  6. How 'bout cruelty to humans?

  7. I gotta' side with Beence this time... but it did make me laugh when I read your eggzblanation, Estorbo.