blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: The low down

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The low down

I came home frarm the bed an' I was berbery tired. The Wooman say eed's stress. So I slepd an' slepd.

Then she say, Ees time for your peell.

Whad for? I say.

For your places where you LEECKED, she say.

Oh, I say, Fine. Geeb eed it to me. Anytheen' to ged oud ob thees short.


When weell I be bedhair?

The Wooman say, When you starp leeckeen'.

An' we doan' know whad maghes me leeck, do we? I as.

No, she say.

An' the bed doesn't know neither?

No, she says. But ad leas' now we know thad she doan' know an' thad we doan' know an' thad we weell prabably nebber know.

The bed lighed my short, I say.

I know, says the Wooman.

Thad bed ees OK, I say, eben though I make swipe ad hor when she tesd the size ob the collar to put arn my negh eef I doan' starp leeckeen' my tommy.

So you bedhair star leeckeen' your tommy, says the Wooman.

Si. I bedhair.

Bod the anteebioticas weell help, says the Wooman.

Why? I as'...

I hab no forgheen' idea, says the Wooman, They yos weell.

So I go to the roop, to theenk.

Who pud a FARM orp heer??? Eedeots. I weell pee een their tomatoes.

Bod I yam steell berbery sleepy. So I taghe a nab with the Smoothman.

Then I beg por snaghs. Bod NO Snaghs ees new rule, een case ob food allergy.

I yam tellen' you: I theenk I yam allergeec por mango. I lorb eed, an' the Wooman geeb me sorm every nighd.

No mas mango.

Life sorcks.

Weell someone pleease open the door!!! All thees talgh ob mango maghes me need my leedhair tray.

OK, I push eed.

I need to see a man abou' a burro...

Bye bye.


  1. Estorbo, you are one hell of a cat!! I love you.

  2. No prozac? just an antibiotic? I thought I was going to be able to tease you about your psycho drugs.

    You don't want to have to wear a collar, Estorbo. A shirt is beddhair.

  3. Boy, you've really been through it, haven't you honey? I sure hope the antibiotic does the trick, and you're back to wearing just your gorgeous birthday suit quick as can be.

  4. No more likeen...we Kats prefer the nood Don Estorbo.

  5. Good luck with the pills, hermano. Hope they do the trick. Hope you can stop wearing the shirts soon ... the human says you wear them well, and I think she's having ideas about getting me a shirt! Frightening!

  6. Thees ees my fabourite blargh postd yet. Eet was the mango of postds, so to speak. Speaking of wheech, ees your short meantd to be mango colored? An the blanket, an the Wooman's keys? Your libe ees so color-coordeenated. Een the meedst of thees bothairsome bed veesits, you remain the styleesh, sceenteelatin gato muy guapo we love..

  7. a good cat-a-tonic should stop him getting catatonic and shirty about his shi*ty shirt hopefully...

  8. Shame Estorbo Hermano life is a bit pit-like at the moment for you. I asked the Mindhair if she can help with one of the pills she gives me when I'm not quite the ticket but she said she didn't have enough info. Goodness knows where she gets enough info about me and my complaints because I tell her nothing, but there we are. So if you want to give her the info she will give you the tablet. Oh! She said to say you are on antibiotics and they should be given a chance to work first. Take care. PS LOVE the shirt - it is totally you.