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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don de la Depot

I was chilleen'...

Then was arribeen' thees BEEG, attracteeb BARX. Por me! says the Wooman.

No, I say, Por mi!!!

Ees frarm Halloween arn the mainlan'! I shoud. Open eed, I hab no opposable thormbs: loogh!

Heear ees ledhair: pleease read. Ees so educaded, Halloween.

He has no opposable thormbs, eith-hair.

Was eenside a beeg ceegar.

Que? I say, frarm Fidel, may-he-leab-forebber?

NO! Ees drorgs!!!!


Oh oh oh....




Pleease leab a messayge. Estorbo ees beesy.


  1. Hola, hermano! Your cee-gar - is it filled with nip?
    You must tell us about this stuff. Dinah bought us a pot of it. Hell! it's big enough for one of us to hide behind! But what are we supposed to DO WITH IT? Should we eat it? We sniffed it and it's not something we want to eat. Chives, yes, but this nip stuff-pff!
    We need more information. And help. Please

  2. Far out, man!

  3. Every Mancat needs a big cigar!

  4. Hermano, sometimes a ceegar ees yost a ceegar, but een thees case ... NARD! Good times, hermano, good times!

  5. The slippery slope to nip addiction...first, it's just a cigar...soon, you'll want an entire cigar box full!

  6. dignitee, my brutha, alwayz dignitee.


  7. I love your picture showing us you do not have opposable thumbs.