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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My coad

I think I prefair thees coad for sommer.

The Wooman says she ees goeen' to taghe me to the v.e.d. eef I do nard change my ways. She tells me she ees "seeck of" my leeckeen'.

No leecky-leecky! - she says.

I say, Doan' speaghe peegeeon Eengleesh to me! I yam a man!

She looghs ad me.

I loogh ad hor.

I say....Th.


  1. Th? How rude! I hope she got the message.

  2. That about sums it up.

    Mommy wonders if you might have a food allergy?

  3. Miss Zip says fooey on your behalf.

  4. I'm wondering the same thing as Katnip. My oldest, Miss Mouse, developed the same licking/pulling out her fur problem and the vet determined that it was an allergy to corn. I changed her dry food to Evo which doesn't have any grain products (Science Diet unfortunately does.I think it's like second or third in the list of ingredients). Solved the problem.

  5. Yeah, I've also wondered. Does Evo have dry food? Guess I'll google.

  6. OK weird - Karen, your comment arrived in my gmail but not on the post!

  7. maybe just gettin rid of the taste of that donkey?

  8. I think the neck of his coad may be too tight.

  9. Still doing leecky-leecky, hermano? Hope it doesn't get to hot for you in that coad.

    Mrs. Estorbo's Wooman, Evo does make a dried food. (But I don't like it.) I will sometimes eat the Evo wet, but I like Avoderm and Wellness wet foods the best. I eat Taste of the Wild dry, and I also like Wellness dry and Wysong Uretic (for urinary tract health) dry foods. The foods our human buys do not contain corn gluten.

  10. th, right back atcha.