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Monday, May 10, 2010

I yab been rarbbed

Sormtheen' ees meesseen'.

The Wooman toogh my for.

She deedn' geeb eed bag.

Whad the forghe?

I needed eed.


  1. She's clearly a woman who does not find the sound of furballs being coughed up at all attractive..... Just be grateful she didn't give you a spoonful of liquid paraffin instead.

  2. Estorbo

    Your wooman loves you and is trying to saveyou from being tooooooooooo hot in New York this summer. South African cats have this done to them regularly.

    PLEASE love her back. Licks and purrs, not scratches and spits!!!


  3. Oops. You left a comment on my blog today, which I did not publish because I couldn't figure it out. Now I get it. Sorry!

  4. Strbie, did she use a Furminator on you? I've read about them.

  5. oh for gods' sake, man, you clearly needed to have the hell furminated out of you. Sounds like she got a lot of fur out of you, but not much hell.

  6. Hermano, maybe she is going to send your furs to Louisiana to help clean up the oil leak ... you may be doing a service to the planet!

  7. Wow. For a shorter-haired cat (compared to me) that is one sizable pile of fur. Do tell - was it a furminator? I am a bit skeptical that any type of brush could really extract my extra fur in a manner that I would tolerate. I prefer to barf it up.

    And do send it to Louisiana or Florida or Alabama to help save the wetlands from the nasty oil.

  8. Ees Zoom Groom sen' to me by H-h-uwi an' Trebor een Kalk Bay.

    Here ees bordy larng leenk:

  9. Estorbo!
    Our Mommy does that to us. THEN, she puts our furs outside for the birds to use in their nests! She says it's "ironic". We say it's Wrong.

  10. Oh man, did all that come from one brushing?!

  11. Maybe she wants to make a cushion out of all that fur. It would be pretty comfortable and you will grow lots more!

  12. G'day Estorbo me ole cobber mate.
    Don grizzle 2 much about gettin combed.
    Fair dinkum us Ozzie cats get all sorts of crap heaped on us.
    Just last week spent 4 hours in a cat cage going to the animal eye hospital in Sydney for removal of a corneal sequestrum or some bloody thing. Anyway they took it out of my friggin eye and put a corneal graft on. Now have to spend the next 2/3 weeks with an Elizabethan collar aroung my neck till it gets better. Damn nuisance but least can see better now which is bonza. have been spared the comb for the last week but am seeing the frown on the old blokes face which suggests a combing is imminent. bugger


  13. hahah... and there goes your winter coat....

  14. Ola Baldo Hermano I too have been subjected to the Spring time Zoom ritual. But I run away after a bit and hide in the garden under a particularly thorny rose. That tends to end the proceedings nicely. Great idea about lining birds' nests though....

  15. Hola! Hermano, so far, we have not had the brush treatment.But we hear mutterings about the black hairiness on the white bed covers...
    Our trade-off is that we have donated a cat carrier to a wounded "bandido."
    (see blog or flickr)