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Friday, May 14, 2010

H-h-huwi no mas

Thees was my brorder H-h-huwi een Kalk Bay een February thees year. The Wooman an' Smoothman wen' to meet heem an' my order brorder Trebor weeth Jane, who use' to be their Wooman. Jane mobed to Nuevo Zealand an' decided eed was more kine' to leab the brorders een the house they knew weeth their new Wooman...Bod she came bagh to beeseet them.

So, thees morneen' een South Afreeca, my poor brorder H-h-huwi was buried een the garden een Kalk Bay onder the cleevea where he lighed to sleep een the shade. He was diagnose' weeth FIV too lade and was berber' seeck.

I yam berber' sad an' Jane ees eben more sad.

An' Trebor, below, H-h-huwi's brorder, ees mose' sad. You see he is yos lighe me?

Thees ees Jane weeth Trebor een February.

Be strong, Trebor! You steell hab a brorder een Brookleen.



  1. We're sorry for your loss, Estorbo - it's never easy for humans either, to lose one of us. Sympathetic thoughts from the team in England, Lottie, Millie, Scooter and Hamish

  2. Oh, Estorbo, it's so sad to see you forget all that tough guy attitude when real life intervenes. Your family and their people are "berber" beautiful and they clearly love you guys berber much!

  3. Hermano, condolences on the loss of your friend H-h-huwi. I'm sending my best gentle purrs to you all ...

  4. Estorbo,
    Our Condolences to you and your extended family. We send our purrs to you and across the ocean.

  5. It is wonderful that they could bury him in such a lovely spot. My condolences to all who loved H-h-huwi. (what does his name mean?)

  6. Sad indeed. I only met him once but he showed great talent at laying down in the shade and looking perfectly content. Cats still teach me lessons.

  7. hermano, so sad when hevvin is enriched an erth is mayd poorer.
    go well,

  8. Oooh Estorbo.
    My heartfelt condolences.
    Boo sends you a big cat hug. You know, a manly cat hug.
    (And I give you a big kiss.)
    Mademoiselle C.

  9. So sorry for H..h..huwi. Maybe he will meet Bailey. I am still berber sad for him. I keep dropping hints to the big man in our house about having another one -- actually a blag one, because I understand they are hard to adopt. You and Trebor could be twins. One day soon I will post a picture of my udder black cat, Soody, from 30 years ago. He was my big faborite

  10. Estorbo, we are very sorry to hear about the passing of H-h-huwi. One of our little brothers who came before us was Bailey, a beautiful black cat who died far too soon from heartworm disease. We are sure he is welcoming H-h-huwi and asking him all about the life of cats in SA. Our woman's heart goes out to Jane.

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  12. Gracias, todos.

    Seemba, H-h-h-uwi's name ees spelled Hugh Masekela. He was named afthair famous museecian. Bod ees ber' har' por me to pronounce, thees wor' begeeneen' weeth aitch, so I hab to heess eed oud, Hhhuuwi!

  13. Storbie: Maybe if you spelled his name Juwie, you would be able to pronounce it without difficulty. Like Heem.

  14. Chloe, Zoe, Abbie, Sassie, Ebony and
    Baby send their condolences from Southern California.

  15. sad news, estorbo.

    henry and i send our condolences.

  16. Condolences from us all in England who loved our brother Huwi. We are terribly sad and send Trebor and Jane and the new Wooman much love. Lennie, Flora and Anne