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Friday, July 3, 2009


Wooman: Estorbo?

Me: Wooman?

Wooman: Estorbo!

Me: Si! Whad?

Wooman: Whad are you doeen' down there?

Cad: Led me pud eed theese way: whad are you doeen' orp there?

Wooman: ....

Me: My poin' essaghlee.

Wooman: You use' to be afraid to walgh down the stairs.

Me: You leeb een the pas'. Eed ees so leemeteen'. I yam afraid no more.

Wooman: Why?

Me: You mean porque?

Wooman: Yes, Estorbo I mean why?

Me: ...

Wooman: Well?

Me: Maybe there are new cads whad leeb arn thees floor below.

Wooman: Whad abou the cads thad leeb arn your own floor?

Me: I doan' speagh to those cads.

Wooman: Why?

Me: You mean porque?

Wooman: Jeep-hairs Estorbo, you can be deeffeecult.

Me: You're telleen me'!?



Me: Maybe I wan' to be an Eenside Cad.

Me: The rooptarps ob Brookleen are so wide open.

Me: Maybe I hab too moch freedom.

Me: Maybe I need leemeets.

Wooman: Gard, you're weird.

Me: Taghes worn to know worn. You're talkeen' to yourselb: I'm yos seetteen' here, arn the landeen'. I'm a cad. An' the neighbours can heear you.

Wooman: Doan' talghe to me abou' the neighbours.

Me: Doan talghe to me abou' their cads.



[Boice-obhair: 'And so the lives of our disfunctional couple continue...']

Me: Dayeen. Dayoud.


  1. Very James Joyce/Stream of Consciousness of you two...

  2. Dinah talks to us. All the time. We think she is lacking something.It is worse when she "sings."

  3. keep the woman guessin', don estorbo, keep her guessin'

  4. Hilarious post, Don Estorbo! The adventurer in you is surfacing. The philosopher is maturing. And the farmer wants to expand. But remember, cockroaches from the plains aren't as tasty as the high altitude ones who breathe fresh air and can be herded better.

  5. Estorbo, give the wooman a break. Remind yourself that she thinks humans always know best and should be in charge. Silly humans.

  6. so yer just exersizing yer constitooshunal rite ta independense a little in advance a tha day an bringun demokrasy to the landing. way ta go, bro.

  7. Our human has been known to go wading in that stream of consciousness from time to time, too ... Hermano, I must say you look right at home on that landing ... like you own the building! By the way, did you get to meet the downstairs cats?

  8. Maybe the sun is too hot for your paws on the roof, Estorbo. Is that it? You should be so lucky! We have had next to no sun for over a month -- tho' today was not too bad, but still only in the 70's.