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Monday, July 27, 2009



WHO poot the sead down???

Whad ees a cad suppose' to do????


  1. Are you learning to use the human litter box??? My female human told me that one of those-who-came-before me taught himself to use the people litter box. Our woman had been accusing the male human of not flushing, and he made the excuse that "it must have been one ofthe cats." Yeah, right. Then one day, while the female human was home and the male was at work, she saw one of the kitties using the human litter box. She had to apologize big time to the male human.

    I have not decided whether or not I want to use the human litter box, but I do sit on it, hermano, like you.

  2. the cats chez quiltcat consider this the source of the coolest drinking water and it requires a certain athletic feat to accomplish...

  3. Quiltcat, agreed for most cats I've known, but our specimen is related to a camel and rarely drinks any way.

  4. We came to see if you had posted a picture of the toy Beence made for you.
    Is this it?

  5. Neko y Marzi...hehehehe, you are so fonny!

    Ikaika - my leeps are sealed.

    QC - your cads are crazee como naby seals!

    Beence??? *&^$%*%$@ eef I yam a camel then I speet.

    Donna - I doan' pee een my ponch.

    RG and Sporran - my toy. Sneeff. Las' nighd my toy heet me arn the head an' I ran away. Stupeed Wooman. Bod thees morneen' I keelled eed. Eed has blord arn eed. Nard mine. The Hermano's. He ees slow. I yam queeck. I yam a keelleen' machine. I pose' the toy thees weekend, I prarmeese.


  6. Just couldn't think of anything smart or funny to say. It must be the heat. Love you, Estorbo.

  7. so . . . whrr's this toy we keep heerin abowt.

    inkwirrng minds want ta noe.