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Monday, July 20, 2009

I'll be bag:

I been beesy.


  1. The blanket looks a bit like a Jewish prayer going to the Synagogue lately, 'Storbie?

  2. I see you are getting Beence to play with you ... good work! It must be nice for you having both Beence and the Wooman to do your bidding.

  3. Good to see you again Estorbe, I don't always comment but I always enjoy reading your adventures - and seeing the pictures of such a handsome blag cad:)

  4. Hello Estorbo. I've missed you. What is it with you blag cads and blankets? (see

    Sometimes I read your posts out loud to whomever happens to be around---cads, humans, worms. And if no one is around I read them out loud to myself. I think I have a little crush on you Estorbo.

  5. Neko y Marzipan. Ees Kikoi. I wen' to Kenya! An'when las' deed you go to Shul?

    Ikaika, hermano: Ees berbergood. So many treads I neearly gard seeck!

    Hola Rowan...^^I weell try to pose more por you eef the Wooman weell ged hor behine' arf my chair.

    You read my poseds to WORMS? Hm. Eenteresteen'...mos' be some blordy smard worms.

  6. Estorbo- that strong paw of yours is just a blur of black. Amazing. But I am not afraid.

  7. That black tail says it all, Estorbo. It's like a flag waving for the land of the free. Sorry I'm late. I took a fall on the patio yesterday -- had three EKG's and a CAT-scan (you must know what these are.) I'm fine. I have low blood pressure, so I won't have a heart attack, but might fall and break my neck!

  8. Why is everybody in love with a cat so cowardly he hides under a blanket? I don't hide under blankets, I TEAR them.

  9. Blagbor'....yes, I am berbery fas'...are you faster than me?

    Chrees, I yam so sorry you fell an' had to go to the V.e.d. Eed's terreeble, I know. Deed he taghe your temperature, too? I HADE thad!!!!! So rude. I hope mi hermano Bailey ees beein' a good norse.

    Pacha???Coward????? Corm oud an' fighd!