blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: She's bagh! Again. Sigh.

Friday, November 2, 2007

She's bagh! Again. Sigh.


She carm home after bein' away for fibe meellion yors an' the secon' theen' she do after cleaneen' my leeder tray ees poot that leequeed sheet arn my negh becos frarm fleas, I mean, ...peds. Himmedaidely I feel seeck an' try to ron frarm myself an' then crouch as close to hor when she sleeps, as parsible. Thees morneen' I steel feel como excrement an nex' bes' ees besi'e the compudair, where she seems to leeb, anyway.

Oh, and Pee Ess:


Are you my daddy now?


  1. oh happy day estorbo, we missed you very much. that flea stuff, sies!! (your meesers will explain). we also hate it but we hate fleas more. we did double take when seeing your pictures next to the computer - we have a beaded mug same as yours, also on desk next to computer. broders or what?? a new dadee??? are you moving to vancouver??? XX trebor an hhuwi

  2. Estorbo, I AM your father.

    HHGGGhhhh [metallic breathing sound]

    Join me and together we can rule the Milky Way like father and son. And drink it. Hhhhgggghhhhh.

    We'll call you Darth Estorbo. You already have the color (no, I didn't say the collar...) all you need is to master the dark side of the force. HHHHHggggghhhhhh...

    Yessss, that's it.... Let your anger guide you... Destroy that Netflix envelope! Tear it to pieces. Gooooood. Very good my young padawan. Next we'll work on using the force instead of your paws to make donuts...

  3. Shhhhh don't mention the dreaded flea collars or else Her Indoors will purchase them because we are still scratching. Did your Meesers go to the place Her Indoors eulogises about dayeen dayout (como your blog) ? We have to listen to stories of trees coming down to the sea. Totem poles in the Charlottes. Nachos and beer at sunset in the Sylvia Hotel, English Bay. Walks around the sea wall Stanley Park and hanging about on logs at Jericho Beach. And on and on. I hope you don't have to suffer this Estorbo Hermano.

  4. Beence? you're scareen me', man!

    Trebor! Huwi!Si, now I wan' a beaded sauchair...

    Lennie an' Sollie...thees weemen. Trabel, trabel, trabel. Whad are we, charped leeber? Hmmm, now I'm hongree. Leeber....

  5. Lennie and Sollie, funny, Sylvia Hotel is 3 minutes from my place... And no, the Meesers didn't have a chance to see Jericho Beach other than from the opposite side of English Bay... Nor did she see my favorite at low tide, Crescent Beach near White Rock... Oh well, next time... :-)