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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My news


Por all the good weeshes, por the donations frarm Los Amigos de Estorbo. From thees fon' the Wooman say she weell draw dineros por the eensuleen', the forgheen' sharp needles, the KAKA potassium gel, the essameenations. Sigh. Dr Slade wan' to see me worn time por mornth. Whad deed I do to deserb thees?

Ees libe, Keeddy, say the Wooman. Sormtime' eed sorghs. Bod you you hab goo' frien's.

Here is esserp' frarm email the Wooman sen' to John, cad-seedhair-deloxe, las' weegh. She has to go to Cape Town to see hor parents, y the Smoothman ees planneen' to go por two weeghs (his only bacation thees year). Bod he say he woan' go eef I yam too seeck.

She doan' wan' to wride thees again, so I carpy y paste weeth my eyes close'. I yam nard readeen'. Bod you read, OK? OK.

Vet trip is over. And we now have a better deal on Zipcars. 

Estorbo's potassium levels are now normal. We don't actually know if the TumilK supplement is responsible for his remarkable recovery or not. I am guessing it is.

Dr Slade is conservative but suspects that the culprit is a tumour on the enlarged adrenal gland, producing too much aldosterone. He says that even if that were confirmed the treatment would be the same. And biopsies and blood tests would be complicated and compromised by other factors, see below:

His renal values are less than ideal (oddly, they have been normal till now). His heart has an significantly enlarged left ventricle - a cardiologist at VERG confirmed this. He has been prescribed baby aspirin, for now - every three days, to prevent clots from being thrown out. [He is expert at spitting these out some minutes later.] We have been told quite graphically what a coronary thrombosis looks like in terms of behaviour: loud crying because of much pain, possible hind-leg-dragging, requiring immediate emergency room admission and, probably, euthanasia.  

Obviously that is a worst case scenario. Gulp. 

I realize I am being very heavy, but it has to be said. I would hate for this cat to go without me, but in no way would I want him to suffer more than he has to, for a final goodbye. 

He looks so good now, that I am hoping the goodbye is not very near.

For now Dr Slade has him on 0.15ml of insulin twice a day - though I imagine it will increase. He is still eating very well. He has gained 2 lbs since he was weighed, there, but I'm guessing it's really 3.5lbs, as he lost more weight subsequently. His coat looks much better, he is active, in the sense that he jumps onto beds on his own and walks up the steps to the deck, and spends hours outside if he wants to (he loves this, so I indulge it). His front legs are nice and straight, now.


Whad the Wooman doan' say ees how moch I HADE the kakapotassium gel: eef even worn piece stay arn my for or wheeskers eed turn into hard plasteec an' eed stays porebber. The Wooman had to cort some ob my for arf to clean me. Now she washes my face weeth warm washclarth ebery time she geeb eed to me een forgheen' syringe. I lighe the washeen' - ees como my morder washeen' my face weeth hor raspy torngue.

Where ees my morder?

Theese peectures are frarm the terrace, three days ago. Ebery day I go oud to the terrace y seet arn the deck, or arn the table. Bod por the table the Wooman mos leefd me. I lighe to seed ou'side ad nigh' leessteeneen' to the rads een the garden downstairs.

I yam makeen' good yompa arnto the bed, ebery day I yam brosh many times, y I maghe squeaky noise when I porr. Ees maybe my hear' whad ees nard worgheen' so good no mas.

I yam eadeen' berber' good. Leeber, mead, fancy meat-cadfood cans, treads after the kakapotassiumgel.

Dayeen, day forgheen' oud.


Estorbo suggested that, in addition to the black cat thank you card for every Amigo, we should have a lucky draw for his Amigos, as a small token of gratitude. The cat is right.

So. The name picked out of a hat on January 1st will receive their choice of one of the Smoothman's photos, printed on aluminum sheets by an excellent lab in California - the print size is 12" x 18"

It's a very clean, beautiful look, and is float-mounted, meaning the image stands away from the wall by about a quarter inch.

There are galleries from which to choose: Africa, New York, Vancouver and the always interesting Miscellaneous

But we will also be compiling links to Estorbo-pictures by the Smoothman in case someone would like le chat nor on their wall (but we realize that is not everyone's speed).


  1. I am so glad to hear that Estorbo has improved so much. I'm sorry to be writing this, but I think I must say that, in my experience, a coronary thrombosis certainly calls for euthanasia, no question. My darling cat Zoe died this way in September. It was sudden, of course, and terrible. I had read about it but never experienced it before. It was not my usual vet who saw her but his advice was right and he did the deed with gentleness. I consulted her usual vet the next day and she said that twice in her experience she had been forced by clients in this situation to try to keep their cat alive and that it had been a very bad end for both cats. Quick euthanasia is really the only option.

    Zoe had never shown any signs of heart disease. Thank goodness you are able to give Estorbo the baby aspirin.

    I'm sorry to upset you, but in your place, I believe I'd feel that forewarned is forearmed.

    I hope and pray that this does not happen to your lovely boy and that he continues as well as he is now for a long time.

    1. Thank you , Arthur. You have not upset me. I was very sad for days after the vet visit, and still am, but obviously Dr Slade told us this for a reason. I would never want to prolong suffering. I am very sorry about Zoe - that must have been frightening for you, quite apart from the sadness.

    2. Thanks for your kind words. The only consolation was that it was quick. As you obviously understand, the shock carries on.

  2. Storby, am also happy about the good progress you are making, but encourage you to take the kaka potassium and all the other bad stuff with good grace. The Wooman and Smoothman are just trying to do the right thing to keep you well and with them for a long time. Am sure that John-the-excellent-cat-sitter will do his best while they are gone.

    Sometimes the very best that cat (or darg) parents can do is to keep you as well and happy as much as possible for as long as possible and they are working hard at doing that. Love to you all.

  3. I'm SO glad that you are feeling well enough to enjoy things again!

  4. Storbie, tell the Wooman to get you some pill pockets. The Kaka asprin will go inside and the outside takes like a wonderful treat or at least my kitties think so as I personally haven't tried this delicacy.

    1. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajajajajaja! I know whad ees peel parcket! Ghhhhtputoowee.

  5. Hola, Hermano.We are sorry to learn this. We can only add our good wishes and hope you are happy.Also, we wish to say that the bottom photo in this post is brilliant. We have asked The Secretary to get it for us, to hang on our wall.
    Head bumps and purrs, hermano.

  6. Storbie, you are far from where you were just a few weeks ago. So keep it up. Borp!

  7. Poor Storbie, Good friends do not deserve this. I know the dreaded "trip-is-planned-pet-is-sick" limbo of which you speak. My dog was frail as I left for vacation a few weeks ago and it ripped me apart to leave. I made my peace with things and counselled all to do the best for her in case it came to the worst. I returned home last week and found my pup to be in better shape then when I left. One never knows. I have my fingers crossed for you.

  8. Ha my person got the pill pockets because she was tired getting bitten while giving me the nasty thyroid pill. She didn't fool me.. I refused to eat the pill pocket at all, refuse the pill coated in peanut butter or with butter. Much prefer being obstinant and having my mouth pried open and then biting the hand that feeds me. She says it can be depressing, frustrating and sad much of the time, to deal with an ill senior pussycat, but she will do anything to keep me healthy. Trained her well! All owners of older animals dread leaving their pets and/or having to make "that" decision some time in the future. I hope it is a long ways off for both myself and Storby.

  9. ah, hermano, getting old aint pretty for any uv us.
    glad to heer that yurr workin on yurr tan -- you keep missin a spot on yurr chest.
    Mine thinkz yu kould zip arownd in hur car -- have your wooman contack Mine if that wood hllp.

    go well, hermano, stay well,

  10. Oh darling, my heart goes out to you and your yoomans. I know none of this is any fun for you. Glad you’re getting outside and enjoying the fresh air as much as you can. Keep on truckin’ mijo.

  11. On a slightly different topic we're hoping for a 2015 Storbie wall calendar. I missed out last year and bought the market calendar (lovely yes but does not at all compare to 12 months of our beloved big blag cad). Paws crossed for continued health & for your tres popular calendar xoxoxo Susan & les chats de Rue LeNoire

  12. jelli and the furballsOctober 31, 2014 at 5:12 AM

    Just like my boy Bean, a fine, fine cad. I didn't know how I'd manage without him around after almost 15 years. That dreadful 'letting go' is the last and greatest kindness a good owner bestows on their friend.
    You are being brilliant cat parents, that essential and purrfect mix of love, compassion, respect and dignity, with a hearty side order of perseverance and hope x