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Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Thorsday nigh'

Me een The Hotel.

My ride to Brooklyn een the red Zeepcar. Storck een traffeec arn 2nd Abenue.

Finally arn FDR, headeen' south - we see the beeg buildeen's.. people leeb orp there? Porquewhy?


Manhattan Breedge.

Biew to Brookleen Breedge.

Larng pausa.

I yam ad the ved. While the Wooman waid weeth me, the Smooothman go to Court Street to buy por os por deenhair a speendry' cheecken frarm Union Market, what we all lorb. I meess Brookleen.

They tes' my blord. My pee. They talgh to the Wooman y the Smoothman. Eberyworn loogh berber' serious. I say, Led's ged the forghe oud ob here. 

Eed ees nigh time een the rain. Eberytheen' ees blorry een Nuevo York.

Traffeec is bedhair rideen' home.

Forgheen' cabs.

One honnered twenny seventh streed. Ad las'.

We maghe deenhair. I ead cheecken. Delicioso. I wash the smell of of the ved frarm my ears y my feed. The I ead sorm raw mead. I yam berber' tire.

So ees the Smoothman.

We go to sleeb:

Weell sormworn pleease torn arff the ligh?


  1. Oh, Storbie, I mees Brookleen, too. (By the way, your Wooman saw a darg like Ted-the -Corg leader.I think it's OK, but remember - all your friends hab yor bagh.)

  2. These on-the-road-in-NYC photos are fantastic, but I would like them better if you were not in the car, because I know that means you are "visiting" the vet. Think of it as Dr. Slade needs to see you more than you need to see him, so you are doing missionary work, sort of. Plus, I saw in the previous post, you got to ride shotgun.

    You are looking good, Storbie. Keep eating!

  3. I hope you will be better soon, Storbie. You seems better last days. I don't understand why is so expensive vet and medical in the USA. It's prohibitive like a gold child.

  4. lookin berber' seryus sowndz berber' seryus, hermano.
    go gently, mon vieux.

    az evrr,

  5. Oh Estorbo, please get better. The woman and the smoothman will be devastated if you don't and so will I. Thinking about you. :)