blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Poo to your strong cat tactics!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Poo to your strong cat tactics!

Estorbo. This is Maggie.

This is my fireside address:

Ted is still nursing some bent whiskers and a sore knee.

Yes. We did meet those "friends" of yours. From Colombia. Or was it Havana?

Frankly, that wasn't very nice. Not cricket, at all.

While we refuse to negotiate with terrorists, especially ones with thick accents and bad grammar, we have made one concession: The Woman looked cold in her tree so we moved her.

She is now in the chimney.

We have friends, too. We are Welsh, you know.

No, you probably don't.

Gutter cat.


  1. Gutter cat????? Oooooo, fighting words for sure. Estorbo, let them hear you ROAR!

  2. Pob lwc gyda hynny, ci bach! Estorbo am byth!

    1. well said! well spoken! (errrrm, that should be "welsh said, welsh spoken." ah, whatever--UP THE ESTORBO!)

  3. Excuse me!!! They are pitting the Welch against the Dominican?? Are they stupid. Go join a choir, silly dogs!

  4. Maggie, you might be better looking than Ted, but you can't sweet talk us! It was mean to put Marie in the tree, and mean to put her up the chimney too!

    Estorbo has the Smoothman back, and I'm guessing that Marie will be soon to escape up the chimney and follow. But she will surely be back to see you again soon.

  5. Oh honey. You have the forgheen nerve to call Estorbo a gutter cat, while you're responsible for putting Marie in a tree?? And now a CHIMNEY?!?! Gutter is as gutter does, baby.

    As for being Welsh … how forgheen laughable. I'm IRISH. Think about that, and when you stop quivering, tell Marie her safe return is in the works.

  6. I propose a truce. A joint venture. We all get together to be stronger and everybody loses. I mean wins. One big black Dominican cat and two Welsh corgis, that should be fun. Peace is sweeter than war. Beside we're not getting younger, we might as well appreciate each other.

    Oh, one small note: There can only be one. Chief. So 'Storbie rules and the twins are overseas consultants.

  7. careful, hermano. Minez granpa wuz frum wales -- hrrd to imagin peepul livin in them big fishez but theyr wayz are myzterious. mowntin foke can be hrrd, an feerce.

  8. I agree with Beence's proposal.I have just seen how les chats francais deal with les chiens. Much better to avoid war.