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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The whide wheeskhair an' the forgheen barx

Pleease. Obserb my whide wheeskhair.

You see?

Ees stresswheeskair ob radioactebeedy in May.

Bod the Wooman say I mos' tell you, een case you do nard read my Fazebooogh page, I yam A-OK.

I yam officially cure' ob the typhoid.

I wen' por forgheen' blordtes' weeth Dr Slade y eberytheen' ees NORMAL. Eben my keedneys, whad maghe me dreenk mucho agua.

Yessep' I yab the whide stresswheeskhair.

Also, order news, the Wooman threw away, por ebber y ebber, my Onnatracteeb Grey Barx. Een the trash.

She say: Estorbo, you nebber hab to see thad theen' ebber again. Eed ees an abommeenation.

Een the Onnatracteeb Grey Barx I wen' to the harspeetal por the nuclear essplocion een my thyroid. Een the barx I was taghen orpstade to be eencarcerade' weeth gerbeel entertainmen' y 24 hour bideo sorbeillance.

Een the barx weeth taxi I came bag home.

Een the barx I wed my pants.

I nebber, ebber web my pands. Was terreeble.

I was wash' een the bath. I yos stood there een the warm wardhair while the Woooman clean me.

Forgheen' barx.

The barx ees dead.

Estorbo ees alibe.



  1. Say, does that whisker glow in the dark?

  2. Thees es estupendo!! Thad es the preetiest eeeeeep I ever see. Will be parties all over the place porque Estorbo es alibe and A-OK!! I am so glad to heer thees Estorbo. You maghe me veery happy.

  3. So glad to hear that you're A-okay; we've been waiting for this great news for a long time. YAY!

  4. Formerly Incarcerated Thug Kitty, I am glad the grey box is no more. You have a much plusher, deluxe ride now. Maybe the explosion caused a mutation which resulted in your white whisker. Wear it with pride, survivor.

  5. muey bueno amigo! I think the white whisker is an indicator that you have super powers.

  6. I'm with that super powers thing. Happy to hear all is well. Bye, bye box!

  7. The whide wheeshair y the death ob the ornactracteeb gray barx y the faghe thad ju are alibe y A-OK.. thees ees orl yos' forgheen orsome man!

  8. Rrroawr, goodbye steenkin box! You are cured Don Estorbo, hip hip hooray!

  9. Hola, hermano! Wonderful news. And we both had good blood results. Especially me(Geiger) as it means Dinah will not have to jab me with needles twice every day. Also, I am allowed to eat some tuna. Sometimes.
    High Five, hermano!

  10. White wheeskhair, very distinguished!

  11. Estorbo triumphs over the grey barx! Estorbo triumphs over the typhoid! My day is complete.

  12. Superb news. But what will you go out in when it's time for check-ups? Someone's coat? A shopping bag? Or this:, which would match your rather dashing white whisker?

  13. We suspect the box was picked up off the curb by someone ;)
    Do you normally visit the vet in a cushy pet tote?

    1. I doubt it. It had bad juju and stank of cat pee. I closed the bag again...

      The Smoothman bought Estorbo a new pet tote, yes. Soon, he will hate it just as much!


  15. You roar away - best news I've heard all day. Even more exciting than Baby Cambridge being called George.

  16. That wheeskhair is you badge of honour and very stylish - they'll all be wanting one! So, on to the next of your lives Storbie, may it be a long, healthy, happy one : )

  17. Oléeee, Storbie, what a happy new, hurra to you and your humans.

  18. I am late to this wonderful news, Estorbo. The whisker is distinguished. The box was not. We are celebrating for you in Perthshire tonight.