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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall trend

I yos wanted to say thad I weell be weareen' my short arff the shouldhair thees Fall.

When I tole' the Wooman thees she said many badwor's. 

Soch bad language, I say, You mos' wash your mouth oud, I yam embarrass' por you.

=^^=*&!!*&!;%^$#ng cad, she say. 

She say eef I eenseess' arn thees fashion I weell nebber, ebber, be allow' to be naked again. WHY mos' you leeck the padge arn your arm, she say: whywhwhywhyyyyyyyyy?

Ayayayay. Cheell, Seester, I say. You know I yam Cattoleeckleeckleck...

You need sorm new yokes, Estorbo, she say. You are geddeen' stale.

Th, I say.

Dayeen. dayoud.


  1. Estorbo you make me laugh so hard my tummy hurts!

    My friend in Colorado, bof of her cads escaped from her house two weeks ago. One came home last night... they had to put a cad trap out in their yard and catch him. He is a black cad lighe you. He yowled in the house a few hours and now is okay. The other cad, a tiger stripe cad, he neber came bagh. Uh-oh. I hope he does soon.

  2. Ooh, look who's bringing sexy back! Maybe something elasticized in a peasant blouse would work?

  3. Draped around the neck and tied over the shoulder big boy. Then you can go to Georgetown University with the rest of the fat cats ( monetarily speaking, I know you only weigh 19 lbs.)

  4. we still enjoy your catoleeckleeckleeck joke...but do wish you would stop overlicking or else you'll end up a bald cat. Gingy had to have all her furs shaved off and believe us, a bald kitty is not a pretty sight!

  5. Thees off-the-shoul'hair ees a goo' loogh, but i yam no' sure ees por ju Estorbo. Ees kin' ob a girlee theen' no~? Ju ees a man cad lighe the Smoothman, I don' theen he woul' wear thees off-the -shoul'hair loogh eethair. Ees no' a macho theen'.

  6. Hola! Hermano, we think perhaps Val makes a good point.
    And maybe you ease off the Catoleek jokes in case the Wooman dresses you in Papal robes. Jus' sayin'...

  7. maybe the toga could make a comeback - as' de smoothman to work weeth you to refine your fall concept. he seems to not make you so stress. toga is perfect let you make stretch - but can you really move about with a toga covering your OCD spot? (are you still in denial young man?)

    hmmm - maybe you are leekleekleekorish?

  8. Estorbo, you love giving that woman a hard time don't you? I must say though, @Donatella is right..hyou do look mighty sexy like that!

  9. YOU are one very handsome cat and you make us laugh and smile and then laugh some more.

    we like the off the shoulder look ... but alas this leekyleeky - not good xo 3 cats in Nova Scotia