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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eschange bedween cad y yooman

So I'm lyeen' arn the floor ob the keetchen, eef you can call eed thad, nine an' a halb tiles een worn direccion an' worn an' a halb tiles' the Wooman looghs ad me, an' says, Doan' you wan' to go and shau-jua weeth the Smoothman? 


I yam nard sure were she ees goeen' weeth thees, so I yam silen'.

I mean, Estorbo, when ees the las' time you toogh a shau-jua?

....I canar' remain silen'.

I shau-jua weeth my tongue seberal times a day! I say.

She pay no attention.

The Smoothman walghs een. Pre-shau-jua. She says to heem, Thees cad was arn the terrace. He sad een all my parts. He sad arn my harleyharck, he sad arn my begonia, he sad een the rose, he sharpen his claws arn the WALL, an' then he threw orp the grass he had yos eaden and I deed nard ged there een time so he slimed the grabble.

The Smoothman loogh ad me. I loogh ad heem

No, there ees no poin' to thees story. Thees ees yos my libe.


  1. She' doesn't know the half, that wooman! When we had grabble, the cats recognised it for what it was - a giant cat litter tray..... She should be grateful to you for your restraint.

  2. It took a while before I got shau-jua AND slimed the grabble.

    Whatever the lack of point, Storbie, that is one helluva handsome photo of you at the top. Your wooman does good with a lens.

  3. Estorbo,

    My cad, Jake, who is now in heaven, and looks like your twin, neglected his showers, I'm not sure I believe you when you say you have showered. Be honest now, is the wooman telling the truth...Estorbo? Perhaps, she is.

    I agree with Simba, that picture of you is very fine, indeed.

    Be kind to the wooman and give your face a few licks and a swipe. I bet you clean up nicely.

  4. the larger photos of you, you oh so handsome cad are simply deevign.

  5. Hey Estorbo it's good to see you again! ummm....perhaps you took a shower after all? the bottom picture looks like you're very relaxed, but the whole top part of your body and head are missing??

  6. Man, you got the life, Estorbo, and lookin' very manly all the while.

  7. Sisko does NOT recommend the shower.

  8. Um...we have to ask. Are you nood? Where's your shirt? Or was you Wooman REALLY gonna toss you in the shau-jua?!

  9. Ees she sereyous? Whad kind ob selb respetten cad takes a shau-jua?? For thad matter, how do ju feet een a keetchen thad ees worn an'a halb tiles wide? Zizi ees halb your uh..avoirdupois an' could not squeezysqueezy een thad space.

    On a deeferent note, "He sad arn my harleyharck" ees my faborite theeng (out ob many many) ju hab eber said. Eef you were steel on Facebook ju would see thad I made thad my status. Eet weel magh me smile when I see eet een the morning.

  10. yust say, eeeeeeppp!

    agdually - Jasper suggest you loogh de ordair way and eegnor - she play you lighe de feedle - don bide anymore

  11. Tu vida loca ... dayeen, dayoud!

  12. Hola! Oh, hermano, you make Dinah laugh como a hyena, as you might say. We have to push to see what you say.
    Sometimes, there is nice cool fresh water to lick in the shower.But wash in a shower? Not these cats!

  13. Uau! great pictures! I like the second one: a portrait for un gato muy guapo.

    I think water is not good for an adult cat, no?

  14. Bwahahahahahaha! 'sad arn my harleyharck' y 'slimed the grabble' *snicker, chortle*, ju keel me! Shau-jua... jajajajajajaja!

    Thees beeg peeshure ob ju ees yos marbelos... loogh ad jur cad, now loogh baghe ad me..

  15. Estorbo! I'm faintin' from your fabulousness, you gorgeous boy!! But, a *shower*!!?? For a *cat*!!?? I think the woman is loco.

  16. Por fabor, post sometheeng for Pedro's sake, I yam habing a bery rough day. I jus had a shot een my foot an I yam not suppose to wear high heels eber again...Thees ees madness...I need an Estorbo feex pronto.