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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Whad the forgh!?!

Alort! Alort! Man the battle stations!
Brace por action!

Straighten the tail!


Sheet. Where EES he???

Can you see me now?

Oh, squeeeeeeeerel?

Corm an' play weeth Da-a-a-a-a-d-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y...

Northeen' weell escape me.

 [Squirrel]: Yee-ha!


  1. Can you imagine that 11 out of 13 of us have NEVER SEEN a squirrel? They don't live in the desert!

  2. Woohoo! New look to the blog!
    I hope you don't pick a fight with that squeerel cos he's got sharp bits. And he's really very cute.I miss the squirrels.

    Hahaha w.v. is squell

  3. Hola, hermano! Dinah's mad to want squirrels when she already has possums.Ignore her!

  4. I am so pleased to see you without your shirt which must mean you are no longer licking.

  5. Katneep etc - I weell mail the squeerel to you, yes?

    dinakmow - I wan' ALL BLAG blarg. No grey kaka arn the side.

    Sherri - I yam steell leeckeeen' my arm. They gabe orp and feel sorry por mi.

  6. Estorbo PLEASE persevere with the catching of the squirrel, or at least give him such a hell of a big fight that he NEVER EVER comes back. I can assure you your wooman will not like squirrels. The are thieves and will eat all the strawberries and other delectibles growing on the terrace and roof farm. They are garden pests of note! Get rid of all squirrels.
    Pee Ess - love your blogsite's new look.

  7. You have squeerels and bandidos, too? I feel your pain, hermano ... The bandidos eat catfood and the squeerels never shut up! Who needs them?

  8. Estorbo! You are looking mighty fine, mijo. Muy guapo. Glad you're getting a break from the shirts. that squirrel better watch out, eh? The big, blag cad is on the prowl.

  9. Millie wishes me to tell you that as soon as she works out how to book her ticket online, she's coming over. Two hunting heads are better than one. She will pack her own pellets.....

  10. Wow, is that a Texas squirrel? The "Yee-ha" is a dead giveaway. Happy hunting! I think.

  11. I hear squirrels are delicious, Estorbo, so don't give up!

  12. Squirrel meat makes great Brunswick stew. keep up the good hunting.
    While I'm glad you're getting a break from the shirts, I love the sartorial way you wear them and I feel a bit shy seeing you naked.

  13. Hey, I heard that Rachel.

    I'm on the bus now, typing on my ipad, and headed for NYC for I am terribly afraid (berry, berry jealous) that M. Millie might, could fall madly in lub with that darn berry handsome blag cad with the berry blag blagh. No grey kaka.

    over & out,10/4
    les handy, handsome, hunter,


  14. Blogh ees nize! Orl blaghe ees goo' choice...ornlee a leetle gray kaka orn the sides.
    The squeerels here een Ortareeo are orl blaghe..attracteeb jes, but they deeg op bolbs and seedleen's. I hade them, forgheen treerats, an' I cheer por the neighborhoo' cads...they are ber' fas!
    Goo' honteen' my fren' as ju proteghe jur terrace.

  15. Watch out for Bullwinkle!

  16. Oh our Brooklyn squirrels...such little tricksters and quite bold!

  17. I yam ber' sorry... I hab becom adeected to speagheen' cadSpaneesh and I carnod stop!!!

  18. Yo Wooman,
    That squirrel picture is just fabulous!