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Monday, September 13, 2010

My weeken'

I carntinue to stordy how to coogh. Thees time, feesh.

An' also I yam sobyeghted to the Wooman, who geds orp my nose.

Then, the eenhumaneedy: I yam tortured weeth piece ob spaghetti:

How OLE' are theese people???

I yam so eerreetaded the Smoothman mos' geeb me the calmeen' Bolcan Greep. Eed maghes me relaghs.

So I read a leedle beet abou' the sea, too. Because eenside eed are feesh.

The En'.

Boreen' weeken'.


  1. Stumped me on "subjected", took a while to understand. That accent! I'm nominating Estorbo for a What Not To Wear makeover.

  2. Estorbolito,
    You are jus the theeng to sabe my day..I just drop mi hijo off at hees bery firs day ob High Escuela an I yam feelin a beet weepy. You hab cheered me yop.
    Porhaps the calmeen' Bolcan Greep weel nod be necessario por me. Sneef.

  3. 5 minutes later, I finally figured out sobyeghted. Just when I think I understand cad, you start using those big words on me. Keep it up - I need to improve my vocabulary.

  4. Not the wet noodle torture ... that's the worst! But I'm glad the Bolcan thing works for you (me, not so much).

    Pee Ess: You have a very noble nose.

  5. the Bolcan Greep, the little curved paws, the double sleeved shirt ...
    I can barely stand it. I'm moving to Brooklyn. I miss be near you.

  6. Estorbo, esplane pleez the Bolcan Greep.

  7. The Bolcan Greep:

    The Smoothman's teghneegh ees deeferend.

  8. Hola! hermano, we suggest (respectfully, of course) that next time they wave a spaghetti string you hide it under the kikoi.
    That'll larm 'em!

  9. O.M.G. Estorbo, you're sendin' me over the edge with this one. Your reading matter, the photo of you under the influence of the Bolcan Greep ... Lordy!!!

    And, John, yes! I second that nomination.

  10. Thank you for making me laugh on a day when I haven't had anything to laugh about.

  11. Estorbo...we LOVE your nose over at I HAVE CAT...we might have to make a poster-size version......sigh :)

  12. eeben when you hab a ber'ber borin weeken you har handsome an corturled - hay am muy eempressed weeth your readen and methods to harndle estress. brabo amigo

  13. I think the same that Terri: always
    amusing and guapo Estorbo. Spaguetti? only for fun, better fish: not gordos cats!

  14. Somehow through Facebook I found your blogg. AND YOUR CAT!!! I absolutely have fallen in love!!!
    Just wanted to tell you - from far away up north, in Sweden!