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Friday, November 20, 2009

Keeckeen eed orp a nartch...

All I need ees a beret an' a forgheen baguedde ondhair my arm.

The Wooman ees ad worgh. The Smoothman wen' sharpeen' por bebe clothes. Por me.

Dios mio. When weell eed en'?

All a cad wanted to do was wash a leedle.



  1. Hermano, we don't know what to say.
    We are sorry to tell you that Dinah laughed, but we will punish her later.

    Word verif. is telly. We hope they don't try to get you on the Oprah Show!

  2. apparently, it's for your own good, estorbo...and it's because they love you, but how humiliating. the only cure seems to be to stop licking at that spot...buenas suertes, gatito.

  3. oh my! yes, a beret would go very well with that...let's hope your raw spot heals soon so you can shed the clothes!

  4. Estorbo, your picture brings to mind four little words: Flashdance! What a feeling! I am so sorry that the yooman clothes must cover the regal fur that you wear so well.

  5. Oh, dude! I really hope your fur grows back and your wound heals soon. Not that you don't look handsome in your ... um, shirt. And it's not like there aren't a number of humans who dress their cads. But, honestly, I think you look best in your beautiful black furs.

  6. laughing so hard, crying now.

    now maxine is turned on. she wears her fez in solidarity.

  7. Estorbo! What are they doing to you! They leave you with such little dignity. I will keep visiting, but with this laptop it takes so much effort to post or even load pages, but I will watch out for you and comment when things get too bad.