blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Waiteen'

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Where ees she? I though' she was goeen' oud to ged some mas pelleds...

Maybe eef I leab my tail lighe thees por larng enorf I weel cadge a feesh...



  1. Oh Estorbo...i'm sure she told you where she was going...ours is leaving home for just two days and we are sad about that, but she did tell us, and she told us too that the Sara is coming in to feed us.

  2. Estorbo - such a sad tail. She will be back. With pellets. And FEESH! Happy Christmas.

  3. Happy fishmas from all of us, Hermano!

  4. Poor sad and lonely 'Storbito.... don't worry big guy... she will be back....

    I wish you a warm Christmas seeing as you probably won't be too happy for now... but, hang in there...she'll be home soon. I hope your cat sitter is talking to you a lot...just like the woman does....

  5. hey my bruthrr, mebbe ya can pass the time lernin to samba and dazzul the wooman wit yer skills wen she getz back.

  6. So sad, Estorbo. I bet she's sad too, missing you. If I lived nearer I'd come and visit.

    Anyway, you have a maghneeeficent tail!!