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Thursday, December 25, 2008

heppi krismis from the dogs

krismis is exhawsting

we got bandanas from the levi staw in new yawk this is me maggie below my brother above wuth tung has no mannus

heppi krismis estawbo marie gave us the passwerd sorry for hecking



  1. *giggle* Corgis with SA accents! Happy Christmas, you guys! you look very cute in your scarves.

  2. what news of khedi the byutifull bleck-footed sowth efrikin ket?


  3. Cute bandanas you dogs have.We just have collars.

  4. sWell Hello! How nice to meet a couple of corgis on Estorbo's blog. Happy Christmas. Love the Banadanas and the satisfied look. I've had a great time and am about to go for a walk in the frost here. Enjoy the sunshine in Cape Town you lucky d.a.r.g.s. (a reference there to our Esteemed Don E).x

  5. D.A.R.G.S??? On your blog Estorbo? Now I do love dogs, but in their proper place! Better change your password or they'll take over.
    Your red Christmas bow makes you very handsome. I got a good photo of Bailey today which makes him look handsome too. I'll post it soon.