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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Speedy 'Storbito

La la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

[Por essplanation pleease regard bideo. An' please, leesten while you read. Ees eemportant. Ees my song. Essept the Wooman an' Beence say thad Speedy Gonzales ees Bushytail Gonzales an' ees raccoon. An' I yam Dominican, nard Mexican...]


Where hab I been? you as'...

The Wooman has been oud ob eed. I mean deestraghded dos nard eben beegeen to describe eed.

Fors' there are these beecious rumours thad she ees leabeen' me with STRANGEHAIRS por two mornths. I doan' belieb eed. I hab nard eben seen a suitcase. No, she ees worka worka worka ebery day eben weeken's. I yam negleghted. The house ees negleghted. I was attaghed een my sleep by a dos' bonny.

The dos' bonny was negleghted.

So I say to hor. Eenorf ees eenorf. I yam goeen' to clean the bathroom. I hab certain standards. I yam a cad.

My gard.

Where do I begeen?

Ess-cuse me: you loogh ad me weeth straighdfaze an' tell me you cleaned thees place las' week? When las' deed you scrob thees bath?

You realize you need new caulkeen' een the cornhair?

Do I gard a few theen's to tell you!

Seet down. Pour yourself a dreenk. You gonna need eed.


  1. Oh, crack me up... you look pretty serious about the tub scrubbing too...

  2. My house mate, Midnight, and I like to sit in the bathtub, too. I'm not sure why, though. We don't scrub like you do (she couldn't pay us enough to do that).

    So, did the Wooman find someone to care for you for the whole two months? We will miss you. And who will keep the Bandito in line while you are staying with the cat sitters? You may have to be muy speedy come February.

  3. You could clean MY bath,Estorbo. It has a lining of black fur!

  4. "The dos' bonny was negleghted." Hilarious, 'Storbie! I had missed that the first time. I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair.

    But don't worry, there's always hope. Two months, in cat time, is only a few naps long.

  5. If it was one of us in that first picture, the position would mean we'd be poo-ing or pee-ing in the tub! (and we do that even when we're not neglected..well, it's usually Gingy, and who knows why she does what she does?!)
    qc cats family spokescat

  6. Hola little pusscat! My, you are beautiful! Bumblevee sent me along to see you. I shall have to come back when I have more time and get to really know you.

    You are very handsome! Quite like my own cat, Mr Scooter :)

    Under chin tickles!


  7. Bomblebee - eed was serious beesneess, belieb me.

    Ikaika, hombre - my name use' to be Meednighd...Si, The Wooman foun' Eileen por the fors' 4 weeghs, an' Michael por the neghs 4 weeghs. Eileen ees CATtorney an' Michael ees Studen'...Halloween's Wooman foun' heem por me. I weell leeb arn the Orper Eas' Side fors' an' een the Financial Deestreect secon'.


    I hade cabs.

    MIT - hm. Blag for...

    Beence - traitor.

    QC - my gard, whad messayges are they sendeen' you?

    Helena: #1. I am nard a "leedle pussy cad." I am DON Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana an' I yam HUGE!

    #2 I yam byoodeefool, you are correghd.

    #3 Pray tell os abou' Meester Scoothair.

    #4 "Onder the cheen teeckles"? Are you kiddeen' me? I doan eben know you!

    Hasta luego...

  8. deed tha cad sheet in de tub?

    mi cata sheet on de floor wren I late from werk or de parte'

    but ne'r haf he cleaned de tub fer me...... naztee cad I haf

    pleaz sen de Estorbo to mi casa to train my cato to be a pleasent gentleman....