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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whad a weegh

Eed was esshausteen'...Ebery nighd the Wooman came home an' was eghstra nice to me an' peeghed me orp an' said, I lorf you Estorbo. An' I said, Feed me, then we can cordle, OK? OK, she said.

The wherethere has been' goo' apar' frarm some rainy days, so ad nigh' I hab been bag arn the rooftarps honteen'-honteen' bod nard cadgeen' anytheen' yed. Bod I weell, I weell.

The Wooman has prarmeesed to plant por me some more drorgs, because she say I cannard ead the drargs we hab now because they hab preedy flowers. Porque? I say, thad ees the bes' par'! No, she say, we weell carmpromise (whad ees thad, ees beegword, I nebber wen' to school), and she weel onplant the stoopeed salad bar whad nobody eads an' plant some more goo' theengs thad cads an' people can ead. Lighe small cheeckens, I ask hopefully? She roll' hor eyes...Estorbo, she says, you hab a onetragh mine'. You can talgh, I say, Whad time ob day do you star' theenkeen' abou' deener? Eef you wor a cad you woul' maghe me loogh como un lighweighd! Are you sayeen' I yam fad, cad? she ask', dangerously.

I star' to wash behine' my ears... lalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaa.


  1. Tough life, eh, Storbie? Listen, when you go to roof between naps, could please put the catcam on, for a change, and impress us?

  2. You mean I doan' eempress you? Eef you wan' to be eempress', buy a d.a.r.g.