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Sunday, May 4, 2008

My garden

My hierbas buenas...nard. No, reeally, they are my horbs. Catneep whad maghes me feel seghsy; tarragon por when I prepare for the Wooman chicken weeth cream sauce, chibes por my beechysoisse. Anise por my moshrooms a la grecque. I yam crazy abou' moshrooms. An' mango. Ebery nighd thees weegh the Wooman gabe me smallpiecemango an' eed was deleecious.

Today ees ber' essiteen' because I yam watching ands. They keep walkeen'-walkeen' an' nebber starp. I say to them, Waid, resd, hab a dreenk, but no, they walk, walk, makeen' me tired. I theenk I need a napzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Estorbito, you lazy bum, when are you going to climb up to the roof and show us the "other side"?

  2. Be careful climbing roves. Kiffer went on the roof to try and get the jackdaws and slid and slid and landed in a pot.
    We have a shrew and a vole for you and we would like a racoon and some catnip too.
    Best wishes from the gingerland

  3. Gread. Now I can ged reed ob the fleabag raccoon whad behabes lighe eed owns the fire escabe. I weel stard harbesteen' drorgs por you.