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Thursday, May 8, 2008


I hade the colour ob thees wall. I reeally, reeally hade eed. Me AN' Constanza, who knows sormtheen' awful when she sees eed.

Now, the peenk wall ees preedy. Trarpeecal. Modern. Heep. I lighe eed. An' the orange wall ees cool.

I yam theenkeen'. The beige wall has gard to go. An' so does the poisonous kaka yellow bine-thing. Does she wan' to keell me? Whad eef I ead a flower? I weell die. You are my weetneeses. Speakeen' ob weetneeses: where are my brorders?? H-h-h-uwi? Trebor? My carmpadriods een Eeengland??? Sollie? Lennie? Where are you?


  1. What exactly were you doing to the wall, Estorbo?

  2. estorbo, she's BACK!! finally! she is jet lagged and sleep deprived but she is BACK!! and so here we are, after 5 long months of abandonment. we are HAPPI! HAPI! HAPI!!!! we are purring, engines at full throttle, we are running around chasing imaginary things. she is HAPI!!!! to see us. we have treeets! we will write more soon, we MISSED you estorbo, dear broder XXXXX hhhuwi an trebor XXXX

  3. Don Estorbo de la etc, etc, etcMay 10, 2008 at 9:34 AM

    H-h-h-huwi! Trebor! Now you can star' your own blarg! Deed she breeng you mangoes?

    Beence? I'm pusheen' the wall down. I yam a cad ob moch strength.

  4. Clarence & CuthbertMay 10, 2008 at 1:22 PM

    Oh - sorry Don E; we are very regular readers but not very good commenters, (And we do love your blog, we do, we do.) We will try to do better in future. Now that Huwi and Trebor are cyber-connected again, we will make more of an effort - we cannot let the British side down.

    By the way, we were very impressed with your camera from Beence. And we like the sound of Beence too.

    Today we have sunshine. Very good for basking . . .

  5. Clarence! Cothbairt! Ees lighe a reunion, my eyes are wed weeth emotion.

    Eben as I wride I yam baskeen' ou'side een the son, leesteneen' to a You know whad I ean.

  6. Mean, mean. My gard, where ees the spellcheghe?

  7. we are happi happi to be reunited in cyberspace, where are sollie and lennie the lionheart? is time for a party! we are esorsted, we are having sore throats from all the purring for our meesers, all the happyfeet, all the running around and sliding on the kelims, but ooh, so happi! we missed you broder. XXX hhuwi and trebor

  8. Ah si, you hab kilims too. Berbery goo' por honteen' playplay mize an' theengs. Por the throats you need meelk weeth a leedle rom.

    Now. WHY deed she leab you por so larng???

    Lennie an' Sollie mos be sleepeeen'.