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Monday, April 14, 2008

My poind ob biew

She keeps telleen' me, Estorbo, Go! be free! Do sormetheen' eenteresteen' weeth your CadCam! She doan' realize I yam a ZenCad. I seet. I theenk.

The lacey leabes ob the rose maghe shadows...

These tar-painded cornair ob the roop ees so scolptural.

I reeally respeghd the angles ob thees tar-painded cornair. You shoul' see the order twenny peectures I toogh ob eed.

Downtown Brookleen een the ebeneen' lighd. I weesh I had a pelled weeth me.

Thees sky looghs omeenoos.

Maybe she has some more pelleds eenside...

She say, Estorbo! You are boreen'. Doan' you go nowhere? Doan' you remembair the time you gard larst an' I had to rescue you een the abando' buildeen' down [orp? I soggest?] the crazee fire escapbhe? Si, I say, I remembair, and I was nard larst. Afthair thorty seex hours you wor nard larst, she say ? No, I was nard, I say. I was medeetadeen'. You eenterropted me when you clime' down the fire escapbe and carry me arn your shoulder bagh orp to the roop arn the crazee fire escapbhe. Why deed you nard taghe the stairs?

I deedn't know there wor any, she replies.

So whaddayou gonna do? I say. I yam a cad. Ees thad a pelled onder the freedge?


  1. ROTFL...the 20 pictures I took of the corner? hilarious.

  2. Of course, you were not lost, I knew that! "Not all who wander are lost", right? Right.

    I love the rooftop in the late afternoon sun picture. Totally worth many I've seen on other blogs, and that were taken by humans!

    The corner, too. Very post modern abstract Le Corbusier-like, if you know what I mean... A question though, what aperture setting did you use? The depth of field is pretty good. Oh, and why are you always tilting your head sideways, is it to better grasp the essence of a scene? ;-)