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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Arn assignmend

Beence sent to me, an' we onpaghed thees weekend, my Meester Lee Catcam! Eed's cool.

Fors', I had to train weeth a collar. Easy. Beence boughd for me especal snabcollar so I no choghe to death. Eed had a bell. I wanted to keell the bell. So they keelled eed for me. How the forgh do you hont carckroaches weeth a bell goeen' teenkleteenkle heeeere carms Estorbo to keell you?????

Me weareen' my new camera. Eed ees arna timer, so I can taghe action peecs all the time. Waid teell you see how excideen' my life reeally ees.

Waideen' for the meelion dollar shart...


  1. Ok, I'll be totally, one hundred percent innocent - I mean honest: the actual purpose of a cat cam eludes me. But I'm sure there's one. I don't see it, but there's one... Is there?

  2. woah...there's a new form of virus. Delete the other comment!

  3. It disappeared. There was a fake name and the comment said: Please see here, with a link on the here and when you clicked, all hell broke lose. Beware! Probably a good thing I'm Mac!

  4. Forgheen spambarts. I trashed them.

    Breeg: why a cadcam?

    Why nard?

  5. I can't wait to see where you're traveling, Estorbo. I'm sure you must lead an exciting daily life when the woman is away. Although, do you really want EVERYONE knowing what you're doing ALL of the time??

  6. Oh. Sheet.

    Um. No.

  7. Cat Cam = Hilarious.
    Looking forward to seeing the results.

  8. Gitte: Virus?

    Gitte: How can that elude you? We want to know where the Don hangs out when he goes to the roof for hours, who he meets, what he chases... Can you imagine? It's a window into a cat's universe. Of course, 99% of what comes back is garbage. But there is a cool shot here and there. Some are very funny. Pictures of closed doors behind which he waits patiently, pictures of the door behind which his pellets are sitting, etc... ;-) Wait and see...

  9. The Black Cat's Employee #1April 9, 2008 at 6:25 PM

    Beence: Breeg is referring to two "comments" which Estorbo caught immediately. They said Click Here (bit of a red flag, that)! So he hit the trashcan symbol and bye-bye spammers.

  10. Vince: and then we object to the governement listening in on our phones? What happened to Bobo's right for privacy?