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Friday, April 4, 2008

Har' day ad the orifice

OK, I say to hor, Eed's time to pay the beells. No, really, I'm nard keedeen', I hab been loogheeen' ad them, an' you shoul' pay. Yes, I open' them! Eed's nard my beesnees to open the beells? Whyporque? I leeb here. I wan' to make sure they doan' sweetch arf the gas. I need warm meelk een the morneen'. I'm nard kiddeen'. Pay the beells.

Ok: I'll be cute. Pay. The. Beells. There are only four. Pay them. How do I know there are four?? I counted them! I cannard count? Are you keedeen' me? I ged 47 pelleds ebery day for deenner! I yam deelusional? Maybe, bod nard abou' pelleds. Speakeen' ob delusions:escuse me?? Hello? Who ees speakeen'? No, I'm serious. Who ees speakeen'. Who ees reeally speakeen'? Nard me! I yam a cad. I cannard speak! I yam een your head! You are talkeen' to yourself.

Are you talkeen' to me?

Corm closer. I need to tell you sormtheen': you made. me. orp. Yes. I doan' esseest. Why yam I arn the bed eef doan' esseest?



You mean I do esseest? Ok. So, are you goeen' to pay the beells?

When you are feeneesh', weell you read me a story? I doan' lighe stories? How do you know? - because you own me? OWN ME?! You do nard OWN me. I stay here because...because...becausethereeesabagobpelledsondertheseenk!!!

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