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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The week een peectures

Can you see me now??? I yam the blag theen' een the meedle. There ees carnstrarction two houses down an' I had to go to eenspeghd the worgh, eef you can call eed thad. My Meesers ees my hero (these theen's are onexpected bod can happen) - the carnstrarction worghairs (pleease see my leest ob theengs I hade) wor worgheen' (eef you can call eed thad) las' Satorday, all day, orlee, lade and we wor goin' loco. So she dial 311. No more worgheen' arn Saturday. Or maybe eed's a coeenceedence?

The Wooman was so afraid frarm me goeen' eento the buildeen' through a hole een the tarp thad she charged eenside our house to ged the bag ob pelleds to shake to call me bag. She torned aroun' een the keetchen to ron bag oud, bod I was already there. I can heear a pelled shake frarm two miles away, man.

Then one day lader she RAN OUD OB PELLEDS. Deesaster. She carmpensaded me weeth the las' ob the FEESH frarm Canada, whad Breegeet send. I had to make-a the feesh-dance fors'. Ees' exhausteen'...' I had to poin' oud that there was an unwashed pan een the seenk. I leeb een squalor, man.

For gard's sake geeb eed to me!!!!!

Then she boughd a new bag of pelleds. Ohmygard. Fresh, cronchee, golden, delicious, dayeen' dayoud pelleds!!!!!! I danced all arn my own.

The End.


  1. Estorbo, what's happened to you, you almost look skinny on those pictures!

  2. The suspense, the thrill in that post!... man you lead an exciting life!

  3. You see, Estorbo, we DO have fish in Quebec! And no, Boo is not white as a ghost. I will attempt to post a picture of him on my next post.