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Monday, March 3, 2008

Lighds, Camera, Heeeeeeeelp

So, today, I ged a piece ob news. Eef you wan' call eed thad. New? - si. Storf I wan' to hear? No. I doan' know. I yam confuse'.

Fors'. Beence...ees sendeen' me a geeft. Thad's nice. Ees eed feesh? No. I yam seeck ob feesh. I nebber wan' to see anorder sardine. No, eed's nard true. I yos though' I was begeeneen' to soun', you know...repetiteeve.


No. He ees nard sendeen' me a feesh. He ees sendeen me: a CATCAM! Oh. My. Gard.

I lorf eed! I hade eed! I lorf eed! I hade eed! I lorf...SNAB oud of eed, Estorbo!


The Pro's:

I can repord frarm the road: loogh! thees ees my carckroach honteen' ground; thees ees were I wadge the peegeeons; thees ees where I pee een the open; thees ees my order Wooman who leebs two doors down and feeds me feesh! -ie. I can SHARE weeth you.

The Carns?:

See aborf. Een order words, the end ob preebacy; ob secreds; ob freedom. Ob the American dream. Be who you wanna be?

No. Eed's ober. Eed's my Wadergade.

Plos: I weel hab to wear CLOTHES! eed mos' be attach' to a collar; especial snab-collar whad onsnabs eef I ged stork een sormtheen'...

We weell see whad we weell see.

No. You weell see whad I weell see.


  1. Well, Estorbito, let's hope that:

    A - The cam arrives,
    B - It works, and
    C - It won't strangle you! ;-)

    P.S. Privacy is waaay overrated!

  2. The Cad Who Weell be FamousMarch 3, 2008 at 7:34 PM

    Eh..may I quode yo arn thad???

  3. In the New York Times:

    "Casting call: looking for cat, articulated, food-motivated, ethnic background welcome, for a cat reality show. Generous sardines reward."

    This could be your ticket to the top Bobo!

  4. Yeah, I mean Si! I wan' the Penthouse, man. Thees five floor walk up? I'm so ober eed!