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Sunday, March 2, 2008

A cad ob many par's...

I belieb een eemprobeen' my mine', an' my spelleen'. Hence, I read. Thees ees a gread boogh abou' cheeckens. I lorf cheeckens. Nard only are they preedy weeth feathairs, bord they tasde deleecious, too.

Readeen' geebs me a headache. For thees I fine'a small glass ob Pastees is goo'. Reacheen' the bardle weethoud breakeen' the glasses ees nard easy. A lighd touch ees necessary. Fors' I toucghe the Wooman lightly, weeth a claw, then I say, Eeeep? An' she know: Oh! Eed's time for Estorbo's Pastees.




  1. O peuchère, c'est qu'on va en faire vrai Provençal de ce chatounet...

  2. Oops, there was a "un" missing.