blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Where weell I fine' anorder RAD?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where weell I fine' anorder RAD?

Forgh thees, man! For the fors' forgheen' time een sebben years I catch a forgheen' rodent!

You theenk I lighe catcheen' carcka-roaches? No! Bod they are the only prey I can fine' arn my rooftarps! So two nighds ago I tragh down, yomp arn, and cadge a RAD...OK: a baby rad. A small rad. Bod a' instead ob eadeen' ead weeth some wasabi thad I carry weeth me ad all times, I breeng eed home as a geeft por the Wooman, who ees SheetforBrains!

EEEEEEEEEEEEE she say, Estorbo! Hor standeen' there weeth the beeg boogh...

She peeck me orp, I make-a growl and she throw me ou'side an' slam the door! Then she leab me ou'side! alone! Weeth the rodent!

Yoomans! Eegnoran', ongradeful, sonsarfbeetches.


  1. hmm, I sense a little bit of resentment here Estorbo... Don't forget who cleans the cat box, though...

  2. Beence!

    The slabe cleans the catbarx.