blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: RAT!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


This is Estorbo's Missus. Estorbo is in a decontamination chamber.

Is this a clue? is this where THE Flea came from?

I had just fallen asleep last night when I heard le chat making Mioawphghphghwahnnnnng noises, indicating a mouth full of something. I got up blearily, automatically reached for Herman Gilliomee's The Afrikaners (a nice fat book and makes a change from the Oxford English Reference Dictionary) and a piece of kitchen paper - my usual cockroach-squashing equipment for the times when the cat comes in from outside with urban prey - walked over to him to divest him of his plaything, only to see...eugh. A TAIL!

Even I cannot squash an animal with a tail. Though Vince has a very funny story which I may dig up, as it's relevant.

So I pick the cat up, praying he won't drop a rat on my foot, and hurl him outside, slamming the sliding door (yes, it's possible) shut. He growlsvsnuffily from outside. I go back to bed. I can hear gravel being thrown about on the terrace and I shut my bedroom door and block my ears. Later in the night I hear him beating on the glass door to be let back in.

This morning, no trace of the animal. The rat, I mean. Not even a tell-tail. So.


  1. Estorbo, you mean hunter, you're only encouraging your Missus to say "Rats!" even more often... But trust me, glue traps are the way to go. Unless you plan on eating the thing...

  2. Well done Hermano. Well caught. And WHAT a gift for your Missis. But what is with our loved ones for whom we have stalked and pounced and caught these gifts? Its the same here - we bring birds, rats, mice, used condoms (only once), and Her-Indoors goes BALLISTIC MENTAL APESHIT and like you we are banned with our present. However if we bring Indian Restaurant menus, cigarette boxes or a feather she laughs and tickles us ... Durrrhhh???

    In confusion. x

  3. Estorbo, I just don't get it. Your missis should have been honored that you brought her such a gift! Could you teach Max to be a better hunter?

  4. Lennie and Sollie

    Whad ees condom? An' use' ees cheeaper than new?

    Si. I yam oud ob decontamination chamber. I smell como Pinesol.

    I yam peesed arff, man.

  5. Ha! I bet your missus will think twice before French kissing you again (err, there's a bit of tail caught between your teeth...)

  6. Brigitte

    Hola. You mos' be a Wooman. French. Keesseen'. A CAD?????

    Are you OK?

    I mean, really....thad ees seeck, man!

    I only Frenchkeess weeth Poossies. (Felines - mos' I spell ead oud???).

    Ged your mine' oud ob the gorter... you nard hab some cads who coul' send me some lairders frarm Canada???

  7. Yeah mon. I'm owned by three cats from Canada. What kind of lairders are you lookin for? I'll pass on the message (There's The Fat, The Smart and The Grumpy, two of'em are black, your pick...)