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Sunday, October 7, 2007


Eed wasn't me. I deedn' do eed. I deed nard reep thees Netfleex wrapper!

Whad Netfleex wrapper? Thees ees a Netfleex wrapper? Whad mos nard be reeped?? Oh! Reeally? Who reeped eed? Who was een the house?

OMG we had a borglar! Whad ees meesseen'?? Do I steell hab pelleds?

Me? No. Nard me. Doan' loogh ad me.

(...are you loogheen' ad me???)

No, I deed nard waghe nobardy ad 4am. I deed nard waghe nobardy lader when they had fallen asleep again! Eed was a cad borglar.


No, I deed nard deny thad I had been fed. Are you the Stasi?

Me? Me? Are you accuseen' me? Porque? Why? Do you hade me?

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  1. You have the face of an angel, Estorbo, but you and I know better... At least I hope it was a bad movie! Something like Catwoman... ;-)