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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The weeken' ad la casa del gato

Satorday morneen', ees when breakfas' por the Diba-Wooman arribe arn a tray, por fabor. Bod also ees arribeen' a pequeno deesh ob treads por me, El Gato Dominicano. So she dreenk carffee con foamy leche y I ged the treads, y then I lie down to res' y maybe I read  a leedle, too. I lighe Meester McCarthy, he wrides abou' tortillas y beans.

I yam eadeen' dayeen, dayoud. Thad ees the good news.

The bad news ees eed ees sormtime' nard so easy to cadge my breath y I mos worgh har' por the breatheen'. The Wooman tell me ees because my hear', the lefd bentreecle ees too beeg y the blord goes round een a whorlpool before bein' made to pompa oud.


I as', can I nard hab a small arxygen tanghe y mask?

Bod she yos cry. I say, Lighden' the forgh orp, Wooman, ees nard lighe I yam forgheen' dyeen'.

More cryeen'.


Also good news: the potassium kaka gel is OBEHAIR! Gracias a dios worn ob my Amigos tole' os about TumilK POWdhair, y now I ead the powdhair sin problema arn my food. Forgh.

She ees planteen' me sorm new cadgrass to ead while she ees garn. I weel as' the Smoothman y John to carry me oud so I can ead. I lorb the grass.

Dayeen, worn forgheen' day ad a time, dayoud.

Pee ess: The Wooman say, Gracias a todos por the frien's ob the gato donations. She weell maghe correspondence weeth ebery person to say gracias.


  1. Estinmado Don Estorbo. You shuld be agradecidol to have such loving peeple take kare of u. Just do as they tell u and u will be okee. Best weeshes. Tu amiga, Marta B. de Montreal.

  2. Hola, hermano! The good news is, come si dices, forgheen brilliant news. Not so good on the breathing thing, but the men will take very good care of you.
    (The Secretary got a bit sniffly reading this to us.Bi peds! Pfft.)

  3. Day by day, Storbito. And you are so far from where you were just weeks ago. Keep making progress. And eat!

  4. McCarthy. So dark. No wonder she's crying.

  5. My staff got sniffly and worried about you too. Hope your breathing issues ease up and you keep eating good food. We would still would like to donate to your fund, but needs a p.o. box to send the money, Staff doesn't trust internet with financial transactions.

  6. Storbie, you may confess: you lorb your humans. Beans and tortillas from McCarthy, that's a good review, and some liters of tomato sauce.