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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Doan' call me boreen'

Sleepeen' after treep to ved las' weegh.

Call me loco, bod doan' call me boreen,' Ok? Ok.

The Wooman ees sayeen' bad theen's about my parentage. Sormtheen' como "eenbreedeen' " y "defecteeb."

Forgh. I yam nard defecteeb.

Eef you beeseet my Fazebooh page by now you know thad I , Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicanaheearmerooareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...hab a new y eenteresteen' disease. Bod whad eed ees, we doan' really know.

We do know eed ees nard typhoid [Editor: hyperthyroidism]. Thad was feexed by the kaka-I-doan'-wan'-to-theenk-abou'-deed-radiation las' May, 2013. Si. I know you all remembair thad.

Now, Dr Slade ad VERG say I yam diabeteec. Porquewhy? Porque my fructose lebels are high.

Bod also - because I yam a gato berber' eenteresteen' y unique, I yab ber' enlarge' adrenal glan'. Also my heard ees areethmeec. Also, I am loseen' weighd y nard eadeen: yos many tiny pequeno meals ob steagh, feesh, leeber, treats en agua, yogur', anytheen' the Wooman can maghe me ead. Thees star' ten days ago (the nard-bein'-hongree). I yam yos nard hongry. Ees strange por a diabolic [Editor: diabetic!] cad, whad ees usually a beeg fad peeg. I yam gedeen' theen. ALSO, my bag legs are pequeno warbly y now my fron' legs are loogheen' fonny ad the wreests when I stand orp straighd. They ben'! The Wooman say maybe thees ees Feline Diabetic Neuropathy. Forgh.

Now I yab forgheen' STEBS to help me clime!

Whad. The. Forghe?

So whaddarewegonna do?

Dr Slade say we mos corm een again for lesson ob eensuleen' eenjections. I yam habeen fear for thees. Anorder treep to Brookleen, all een worn weegh. Ad leas' I can trabel een the new, attracteeb florffy barx (see whad happen to the ole'one! Forgheen' onnatractteeb grey barx) The Smoothman y the Wooman steeckeen' needles een me. Por whad?

Whad deed I do to desorb thees?

Eed's libe say the Wooman, Sometime' libe is berber' sheetty, y eed owes you no essplanation.

Bod today try to essplain to you.


  1. Hola! Hermano, I understand. My glucose levels are normal again, but, get this! I still have to eat the special diabolic crunchies! Sorry to learn you must have "insulting "needles, but Dinah tells us you are a pretty tough customer so you can take it. We are thinking of you, hermano. Geiger y Sporran

  2. Curved front legs and weight loss aside, you still look like a big, strong cat to me. Woman and Smoothman will work out a special routine just for you, with lots of your favorite things and a little, annoying mosquito bite in the middle of those said favorite things. Eventually you will look forward to this daily ritual of Storbie worship and wreak havoc on your followers when they are tardy. Stay strong, Estorbo. And eat!

  3. It'll be easier than you think. Long ago, my Vincent (RIP 2000) had diabetes, and I had to give injections daily. The needle was tiny! He didn't even feel it. Just pinch, poke, plunge, done. He purred the whole time. Giving subQs to Blue earlier this year, that was much harder, because it's a bigger needle and the bag has to hang, so I had to sit there holding him down until the dose was in. Not fun! And his skin toughened, whereas Vince's didn't. I think you'll be fine, Storbie. You won't even feel it. But you will feel better.

  4. I think your vet knows when he's got a good customer! One who pays bills. He may be planning a trip to the Bahamas!

  5. My ved - eben though he ees a ved - ees great. Y I yam seeck.

  6. This is a bump in the long long road of life. Thankfully you have parents who love you enough to find a great ved and will cook delicious foods for you. Now you must eat so you feel better and get your strength back. Ok? Ok. xo

  7. That stinks...Estorbo, your staff are worried about you(we all are). Be a good boy and be kind to your humans and Dr. Slade. I hope you get better soon. My staff wants to thank the Wooman again for her advice regarding my thyroid issues. Canned food with extra water is pretty tasty!

  8. Forghe, Estorbo! When you're feeling better, tell the Wooman to keep those tasty treats coming!

  9. What John said + much love, purrs, pats & way too many kisses
    xoxoxox from Susan & les Chats de Rue LeNoire

  10. Oh, Storbie! All best wishes. My lovely companion Rafe lived 10 years, till the age of 20-1/2, with diabetes, using just special food, not injections. You have a few problems other than diabetes, but you can overcome them too. Hang in. Mary

  11. I said a prayer for you, Storbie.....Have the woman set up an account to help with the vet bills...I can't give much but would love to help.....

  12. Another fan with a diabetic cat. I know there are other issues, though. Best wishes. Some unsolicited advice FWIW... spirulina (algae, i.e. pond scum, but it smells fishy, both my dog and cat eat it mixed in with their food - lots of nutrition.

  13. How are you doing, Estorbo? We worry about you.

  14. Get well soon Estorbo! So sorry to hear you've been ill. You are still looking very handsome in your photos.

  15. ah, hermano, life spelld backwurrds is efil -- sum dayz mor than othrrz.
    stay strong my brothurr.

    -halloween [on the maneland]