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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Estorbo's typhoid update: big news

Dr Slade just called with Estorbo's results from today's blood test. His T-levels are 10. Below 4 is considered normal. His last test was 6, after those weeks of not eating. Before that it was holding steady below 4. This is the highest it's been since he was diagnosed with Typhoid, er...hyperthyroidism, when he clocked in at 19. It probably explains why he has been feeling nauseous, and throwing up. We have been giving him anti nausea pills when it seems they may help.

Starting today we double his Methimazole dose, so the poor kitty gets two smears in each ear, twice a day.

But. We have decided that Estorbo must have radiation therapy. It's time.

I have avoided this for as long as possible, but putting it off no longer makes sense. The cost scared me silly at first, and then there was the still-awful prospect of his being in a clinic for many days, frightened, and stressed, in isolation while he is literally radioactive. But if he keeps being unwell, going through cycles of eating and not eating, and being sick, and returning to the vet often, he is stressed, too, and the bills add up over time, anyway.

Right now he is in pretty good shape. His fur is looking better. He has not thrown up for a week, and is eating, so will be strong enough for the radiation therapy, which targets the thyroid, alone. By all accounts it is very effective, though not 100%.

After I have chosen a clinic I hope to have the kitty checked in as soon possible. Dr Slade will do what he can to expedite any waits or red tape. His stay may last 5-8 days. I don't want to think about that part. Then he will be home again.

Tomorrow I will spend the day researching the options, with Dr Slade's input.

I want to thank all of you for your care, and interest and warmth. And, in many cases, your donations to Estorbo's Medicaid. You are esteemed members of Los Amigos de Estorbo. He needs his Amigos - it is due in large part to your support that we can consider this treatment option at all. I am deeply grateful and moved by your kindness. Estorbo is working on his thank you cards. His whiskers keep getting in the way.

The cat, of course, is unamused by these developments. I believe he is composing a post on the theme of atomic love. And he thinks fission is fishing.


I haven't the heart to explain.


  1. Please hug and kiss him for me. I adore this kitty.

  2. Hi Marie (y Estorbo also). I'm sure i've mentioned that i've had two kitties get the radiocat treatment and it was very effective and very unstressful to them. The technology is improving and the hospital stay is shorter than ever...just long enough for the radiation level to drop to a point where you're safe around them. Gingy had radiocat at age 9 very shortly after i adopted her...i tried oral methimazole first but she was allergic to it. She is now 17 and although her kidneys are starting to go, she's doing great. Hope that Estorbo will do great, too!

  3. Poor Estorbo. Radiation is not fun but it will be over soon. I pray that Mr. Karma will shine his light on you.

  4. *makes secret sign* Fishing is fun. Fission, not so much, but still better than typhoid.

  5. Well we're all unamused too!! As I mentioned somewhere (here, Facebook, privately?) our cat Spot had radiation and as much as we dreaded it, he was a trouper and it gave him *such* better quality of life and a longer one to boot.

    Also, FWIW, to boost our darlings' immune systems, which get challenged when they're sick or stressed, I add 1/8 tsp. of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) powder to their meals for however long I deem necessary. This includes three to four days before a vet visit.

    Here's to your precious boy's recovery and muchly improved health!!

  6. I'm glad for you and Estorbo. The treatment really worked well for our cat. Are you sure you cannot visit him in the clinic? People get the very same treatment for the same reasons, and they don't spend days in isolation in the hospital.

    Anyway, even if you can't visit, you can send him to the clinic with a dirty pillowcase or sweatshirt that will smell like you and perhaps give some comfort.


  7. From the comments it sounds like others have had good success with this. Know its scary for you and the Frenchman, but the Don is a trouper. A friendly scratch between the ears.

  8. This sounds like a good decision for Estorbo now. From what we read, the methimazole must be stopped for a while (a week?) beforehand. Check with your vet of course. Unfortunately the place we commented about here that is in Fairfield NJ no longer does the treatments. The two places in NJ our vet has told us about are in Oradell and in Red Bank.

    But the Fairfield place mentioned the Animal Endocrine Clinic offices in NYC and in West Chester as specializing in it. They say the cats have big condos, videos, a window with bird feeders, etc. They have webcams for each cat - not sure if that would make you feel better or worse to be able to see Estorbo but not visit.

    I think the longer time in hospital than what some are describing for their cats relates to New York state and city laws.

    Estorbo, you can DO this, because you are STRONG!

    1. Thank you, Simba - yes, we may book him in with the Animal Endocrine Clinic in Manhattan. There is another possibility on Long Island - and the longer stay (longer than Jersey, which is perhaps already radioactive?) is indeed for NY State laws.

      Than you for all your info - it always helps to know what to expect...

  9. Great choice, I am sure it was a hard one to make. We are behind you all, and praying Estorbo has an uneventful recovery into good health. Love you Estorbo!

  10. Sending love , pats and ear scritches to Estorbo and all of you.
    Holding you all in our hearts.

    Get well ASAP, Don Estorbo!!

    CC, Tizzy and Fred

  11. Good decision, Marie. Hard but right, I feel. We all, however near or far, are thinking of you and sending love and light to you all - especially Storbie xxx

  12. I echo all the other commenters. Good decision and it sounds very promising. All my love to Storbito, you, the Smoothman, Los Amigos de Estorbo, and anyone that's left. *grin* (oh, and secret sign!)

  13. What everyone else said. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and DonEstorbo.

  14. My, that is big news! But given all the positive outcomes described here, it is the right decision. I'm sure Marie and Vince will pack up a little orange suitcase full of Estorbo's fabourites. Spacious rooms with free cable and live bird action? Do they have squirrels? Estorbo may never want to leave. Especially if they throw in some Doritos, sardines, and a carckroach here and there.

    Good luck, you three. We are all rooting for you!

  15. I'm glad to hear this: I hope it is the best kitty hotel in the world. I lorb all of you, everyone who lorbs 'Storby. I am rafteen' with all of you, across the airwaves. As Estorbo has said, we must all "Fassen' your seadbels." There is a lot of staying strong going around today.

  16. bless you for your courage in making this tough decision. we hope to following the process as it unfolds successfully, with a beaming (well, not LITERALLY beaming) don estorbo at the end. OK, i know he doesn't ever "beam" but we can hope for a "now will you stop with the ear goop" smirk.;-)

  17. Estorbo, lots of neck and chin scritches to you. Hopefully they will give you lots during the de-radioactivization (yeah, not a word, I know). I don't know your cage attitude, but if you are like Tino, please, do not hide in the back corner. Come out and let them scritch you.

  18. I am purring for you everyday and sending more of Dad's green papers to get you well. Love from Pluma the working cat.

  19. Please feel better soon; I'm glad that so many of your friends have had success with the treatment. My cat Tinker looks so much like you. Smoochies.

  20. Hola, hermano! Dinah tells us that you must go into the hospital. We send all good purrs to you.

  21. I think it will be worse for Mom than baby... and also that you are doing the right thing. I'm sure many out here will help out if you do a chip in. I will!

  22. I think it will be worse for Mom than baby... and also that you are doing the right thing. I'm sure many out here will help out if you do a chip in. I will!