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Saturday, September 21, 2013


Stress. Fors' she wash the sheeds, y I maghe nab arn the bed. Ber' nice.

Then she corm bag y she corber me orp. Porque? You waghe me orp!

Then. She push me eento new carryeen' case y tell me we are goeen' to the VED! AGAIN? 

Whad am I? Forgheen' lab rad? Eef they poghe me any more weeth needles I weell looogh como un yonkee. I though' I wen' to Riker's thyroid treadmen' so I no go to the ved no mas...

She say ees time por checkorp again y also she ees worry maybe I feel "nauseous" because I leeck my leeps, sometime'. 

I feel FINE, I shoud. I yos hab dry leeps.

I howl all the way down the stairs. Then we are ou'side, y I yam quied. Berber' quied.

She maghe me seaseeck. Bompabompabompa.

The again I see a new ved. Always new ved see me fors, before Dr Slade. The new ved say he lighe me. I no growl. I eep. He laugh. Cabron. The he taghe me away.

I doan' wnat to talgh abou deed.

Blord. Pee. Sonogram (free).

I yam back. Dr Slade taghe me oud of newforgheencarryeen'caseweethsheepskeen (NFCCWSS) and put me ORPSIDE DOWN anr his lab and KEESS me. Cowboy.

He say he ees berber' happy weeth me. My forr is good. Bod we mos' waid por tes' resolts.

The Smoothman. He help me forghed. 

Maybe he also when to ved y was torn' orpside down plos keess' arn head. 


  1. That Slade is a very, very brave man to flip you upside down. You must have been in shock!

  2. I hope the Wooman finds a new home near Dr. Slade because obviously he loves you and takes berber' good care of you. You look shiny and very healthy, Estorbo. A nap is always good. zzzzzzz

  3. My Cad boys, Tizzy an Fred send you loss o simpatty. Dey done like goin to da Ved eeder.

    Beautiful photos!

  4. Pleased to hear you are doing so well, even if they make your arms look like a "yonky."

  5. I'm so glad nobody so far commented on the lazy father...

  6. Don Estorbo: My leeps dry too from allergy. Not to worry. If you would come to me, I would hole you right side op, and kiss your face. Like it or not.

    Stella's Mom

  7. Don Estorbo you and Smoothman have the right idea...when the going gets tough the tough nap!

  8. Storbie! You're so funny; I yus lorb you! Fingers crossed for results...
    P.S.- I have a funny picture of MY cat (Frodo) sleeping across YOUR book (66 Square Feet- A delicious life)- I was so engrossed in it, that I wasn't paying enough attention to him I guess, so he crawled up and slept on it !!!!