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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My boogh pardy presen' ...

So the Wooman had thad pardy por the boogh, blablabla. 66 Square Feed - un Libe muy Deliciosa


SO glad eed is ober. 

Drama queen.

Bod, bes' theen': she came home weeth geeft por me. Si. Porquewhyyyyyyyy? Because I yam the only reason she made soccess. Me. Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana Hear Me Roar EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.


Y sorm people are eentelleegent enorf to know thees.

Muchas gracias to Bicki y Pam, y Kim Abe - she made the scarp. Ees mine now.

Eed madges my gorgeous eyes yos righ'.


  1. Do you play the piano? Because you look like Liberace in that scarf. Very fashionable.

  2. As always you're very handsome!

  3. You certainly do cut a dashing figure, Senor Estorbo!

  4. Much better than the onesies you used to wear...

    Pretty much every thing looks good on you.

  5. Every other cat in town is super jealous!

  6. You look even more handsome with the scarf! Perhaps you will start a new fashion trend...foulards for felines.

  7. 'Storbito, you look *adorable*, but now Keith wants a scarf, too. And I hope you're gonna hold out for a share of the royalties. A large share.